Twin girls and their mom. Everybody is wondering: Who is the mom?

When 16 year old Kaylan Mahomes posted a recent car selfie with her twin, Kyla, and their 35-year-old mother, the social media world went into confusion.

The caption by the high schooler read, "Mom, twin and me."


But because all three share the same youthful glow -- it looks more like a picture of triplets -- everyone is trying to figure out which one is the mom.

â€Ã…“I am the one in the black blazer on the left,â€Ã‚ said mom Tina Brown, 35, identifying herself in the original photo.

“I am the one in the black blazer on the left,” said mom Tina Brown, 35, identifying herself in the original photo.


Since it was posted on January 28 2016, the photo has been retweeted more than 18,000 times and received more than 29,000 likes. Some Twitter users have shared it along with the hashtag #blackdontcrack, an expression that refers to African-Americans whose smooth skin makes them look younger than their age.

After seeing how much success their selfie garnered, the family created an Instagram page to share more images of the trio, who live in Indianapolis, US.

But the big question remained: Which young-looking lady is the mom?

In an interview aired Friday on HLN, the trio put speculation to rest by revealing that the twins' mother, Tina, appears to the far left in the photo.

Asked by Christi Paul how she stays so well-preserved with two 16-year-old daughters, Mom broke down her methods.


"I try to drink a lot of water, I try to stay stress free," the 35-year old said. "I just focus a lot on emotional inner beauty."

The family said they're mistaken for triplets "all the time."

"Even people who I know personally still don't know who's the mommy," Kaylan told HLN.

The pic was snapped when Mom was picking the girls up from school; Kaylan shared it with a friend and it went viral quickly thereafter.

Even before the big reveal, the family's second Instagram post offered a crucial clue.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Kyla. “I didn’t even think we looked that much alike in the picture!”

The girls’ mother admits that people remark on their striking resemblance all the time.

“It’s very flattering,” says Brown, a hospice nurse. “Most people think I’m their older sister, or sometimes they think we’re triplets.”

The high school juniors say their teachers mix them up all the time, as well.

“My sister and I have lunch periods back to back,” said Kyla, “and there was this one time that one of my teachers thought I was cutting class when I went to lunch, because she had just seen my sister in the cafeteria.”

Photo of mom and twins stumps the InternetKaylan Mahomes/Twitter


Who is the mom?

Brown credits eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and drinking lots of water for her youthful looks.

“I don’t use special soap on my face, just plain water or facial cleanser, and that’s it,” she says.

And the girls hope to take advantage of their newfound fame to score scholarship money for college, as they both dream of being pharmacists.

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