It’s no secret that love is a powerful force. It causes us to do and say things we’d never expect of ourselves. And though we live in a society that is hyper concerned with the way people look, love has the power to make you overlook physical imperfections and see a person for who they are inside. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook followers if they’ve ever fallen in love with a man they initially found unattractive and whether or not they thought they were capable of doing so. See what they had to say. 

Nyah: not that he wasn’t attractive but that his looks didn’t pull me before his personality….

and he isn’t bad looking it’s just he isn’t some pretty boy

Dana: it depends on how unattractive i think he is to start with. but the more time you spend with someone the better they start to look to you.

Annette: Yes, and have. He was exceptionally smart, funny and that’s a turn-on for me.

Denise: Yes, he was sooo unattractive, dressed nice though. And he really though he was the ish. I think it turned me on too bcuz he was a basketball referee and a smart man overall. But ooooh he was ugly!!

Monique: I have. He was very slim. I used to tease him and draw stick figures and say it was him. After talking with him, loved his humor and overall personality. We dated for 5 years. My “type” of men was broadened by dating him.

Laurie: absolutely! he was and still is a wonderful, hard working, generous, caring man.

Heidi: Not that he was unattractive..he just wasn’t my type..or so I thought..we have been together 3 years now an still going strong

MaShava: Yes, I have several times but it doesn’t last!!!!

Toya: Yes…a ok looking guy with great personality is always better than a pretty boy with bad attitude..I love a man that is smart, can makes me laugh and is a great conversationalist..

Skye: I think when you’re younger, you focus on looks.. But as you mature and grow as a person you realize that other things are more important and you become ok with not getting every single thing you want in a person.. overtime if someone treats you special and makes you feel good… Looks become of little concern… Conversely, when you’re in a relationship with someone that you think looks amazing, once the relationship grows sour… You look back and realize that they didn’t even look all that great.. Lol…

Venesha: My guy wasn’t butt ugly, he just wasn’t my type. He was super short (about 5ft4), bald, and kinda husky. He kinda reminded me of the short, bald guy from the R&B group, Silk.

Halona: Hell yeah he ugly but a good man friend but I’m not taking ish from no ugly mf

Mariatu: I met him in the Marine Corps. I wasn’t attracted to him at first but we became friends. Next thing you know, I started having feelings for him. Years later after I got out of the Marine Corps we got back in touch and started dating and we fell in love. He was street smart, book smart, sensitive, and one of the sweetest guys you would ever want to meet. He was my very first love. I learned that looks aren’t everything a person’s personality makes all the difference. Don’t get me wrong, a man that’s easy on the eyes is a great thing but it’s not everything.

Vanesta: Fallen in love with? No, if I don’t find you physically attractive, all we can be is friends

Michelle: My first was unattractive but we became best friends. He had a great personality and treated me great and that made him attractive to me. But eventually after our daughter, his attraction faded he became a jerk and I was left wondering what the Fawk was I doing playing Russian roulette with my child’s gene pool.


Fettina: I thought he was ugly outside, but had potential inside… I turned out to be wrong–he was ugly thru & thru– inside & out… Oh well, you live & learn and pray that you’ll never repeat the MISTAKE again.. #humans

Tiffany: Yes!! I wasn’t sure it would work out because I didn’t have an instant attraction physically…but I loved his personality and so many other things about him. Mentally, he was more than enough. He made love to my mind so my heart naturally followed and my body has never been more satisfied.

Shannon: Yes, I did in high school. He was good to me, respected me and he was so much fun to be around! The problem was, when I started dating him, all the girls who never paid him any attention decided they wanted him too! Girls everywhere! Drove me crazy!! He stayed with me though and we only broke up because he was going to college in a different state.

Tracey: There’s a difference between being in love and being in lust. When it comes to “love” you overlook faults. Loving a person is loving the heart and spirit of a person. When it’s lust you only care about the physical. I think life shows some of us eventually the difference. I have been attractive to men that my friends would look at me like “girl are you alright!?!?” LOL Initially it may not be the physical but gradually after interacting with a wonderful person inside….they become more and more beautiful all around. It goes hand in hand. I’ve seen some beautiful people do ugly things and no matter how Denzel-ish they look on the outside….they are Jerome-ish on the inside. Unfortunately some people will always be shallow and never truly discover what love & life is about.

Sharon: Well, I think if you look at anything long enough, it’ll start to look good. You will get used to the ugliness and can’t see it anymore. It’s like being in a stinking room. If you’re sitting in the funk, you may initially smell it but after a while, after sitting in the room for a whille, you can’t smell it anymore. However someone coming in from the fresh air will wonder how you CAN’T smell it.

It works the same with ugly. Look at it long enough and soon you won’t see it.
Source: Madamenoire

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Omg! Yes! 😭 I'm in love with an old, "ugly" guy but I just DIE everytime he looks at me and smiles!! WHY!!
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