Too ugly to wed! Man jumped into river to commit suicide on his wedding day 

If not for police officers who intervened, 33 year old Kang Hu  from China would have been a dead man by now. Kang Hu jumped into the river to commit suicide on his wedding day. The reason? He said the bride is too ugly to marry him. Lol


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The groom from China's Hubei province was so disappointed after seeing his bride for the first time that he actually tried to kill himself during their wedding.



The 33-year-old Kang Hu was set to marry 30-year-old Na Sung, a woman chosen by his parent who he had never even seen before when things went awry.


After laying eyes on her for the first time at the ceremony, Kang found she did not meet his high standards. He stunned everyone by telling Na Sung that she is too 'ugly' and that she would be 'bad for his image'. Hu walked out on the ceremony and jumped into a nearby river.


"It was a very awkward moment for everyone," said Chan Wang, a guest at the wedding. "The bride was devastated, her family was furious, his family was furious, and we his friends were embarrassed. Kang has very exact tastes and had been forced into this marriage," he added.




Both families, according to, spent several hours searching for the groom, before spotting him wandering along a nearby river bank. Before they could approach him for an explanation and an apology to the bride, he threw himself into the water.


After regaining consciousness, Kang eventually explained his behavior: "I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her she wasn't what I had expected and I realized she would be bad for my image. My parents had arranged this and I couldn't see any way out apart from suicide."

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