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Meet 63 year old man and his beautiful bride
Indeed, age has nothing to do with love and with marriage, neither does looks have anything to do with it. Meet 63 year old Nigerian governor and his newly wedded 33 year old wife

Laughter is the best medicine
Obstacles and problems are a part of life. They cannot disappear overnight. True happiness comes not when we get rid of ALL our problems, but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening...

14 celebrities who were fired from big movies
Just because they are rich, famous, and celebrities, it does not mean that they cannot get fired. There have been several great actors and actresses who have been fired from movies. Her are some of the most notable cases.

Some of the most stunning spots in Africa
Throw in that sense of being in a place that hasn't changed for centuries and sometimes millennia, and you get some of the most inspiring, and inspired, spots on the planet.

Police investigates man who kept dead wife's body in a freezer in his living room for 5 months
Since his wife passed away, Jiang has been in tears and in pains. For 5 months, he kept his dead wife's body in an 'ice coffin' in his living room to be looking at. This has drawn the attention of the police who is investigating it now

Lion Kills American Woman in Lion-park South Africa
An American woman has been killed at a lion park in Johannesburg South Africa. The lioness crawled quietly and jumped through the open window of the car and started mauling the woman

Man who built house on a tree and lives there!
After spending years living in a camper van moving from one city to another in America, Foster Huntingdon decided it was time to build his own house. Where did he build it? On a tree! Click to see

Gaining power and life by accepting change
History is a terrible thing. It chooses to remember those it wants to remember and forgets those it wants to forget. For those it remembers, it breaks the story to pieces and tells it from beginning to the end, passing it from generation to generation.

A terrifying tightrope wedding: Rule no.1 - Don't look down!
What will you do if your fiance asks for a tightrope wedding,or nothing else? Phoebe, 25, has reason to be nervous as she marries Chris, 37 in a terrifying wedding that takes place high in the air on a piece of dangling rope, May1st! photos will shock you

26 of the world's most beautiful and famous rivers
Whether you climb on board a boat to explore them, or whether you explore them by foot, some of the worlds most beautiful and famous rivers produce unforgettable memories. Take a look at these amazing photos and videos:

Seven year old boy dies after attending slapping therapy workshop
Mr Hongchi Xiao, an advocate of slapping therapy to heal diabetes, hypertension and many other problems visited Australia for a week-long workshop to introduce the therapy. Mr Xiao's method includes practicing paida - or slapping - and lajin - or stretchi

Fatal attack! Lion kills zookeeper in China
A zoo worker has just been killed by a lion. The lion bit the shoulder and neck of the 60-year-old employee. This is the second case this month when a zoo worker has been mauled to death in China.

Don't sweat the small stuff
Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life

What Does Naija Mean
Naija is a new generation word commonly used by Nigerians. Ever wondered what it means? Click the link to read more

Celebrities who became homeless
Not all success stories have happy endings. Sometimes the rich and famous have inspiring rags-to-riches stories. Other times, these fallen stars lose their way and end up lost, desperate, or homeless. Click to read more

37 stunning spots for your next vacation!
What a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure! From east to the west; from north to the south, the world offers stunning spots. You will certainly marvel at the following beautiful places in the world. Take a look!

Amazing Vacation Destinations In Nigeria
Every year millions of visitors visit Nigeria for different reasons such as tourism, education, commerce and vacation. The country is blessed with thousands of natural beauties that have made it an undeniable destination to be. Take a look at these

Unfailing love
It started like a joke. Jerry and Jessica did not know it was the beginning of love without end! Jessica was a pretty girl from a wealthy family who met Jerry, a poor boy with a part time job as a cleaner in a restaurant. Click to read more...

Everything about leadership
However you see yourself, whatever your age may be, here is a collection of top helpful leadership articles, blogs, news and headlines

16 most memorable TV wives ever
These wives are so memorable that they helped to form some of the best and most popular shows on TV. While not always the center of attention, these shows would not have been the same with any other woman.

23 Amazing pictures of world history
Our world is full of history. The rumblings of the world are ever present through the motions of history. Read on to be inspired by lifetimes of memories

Latest models, model management and modeling
Collection of recent information about models, model management, modeling news and discusions

Agonies of Romario Dos Santos Alves - A Bodybuilder who pumped up his muscles
When Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, turned to a cocktail of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his muscles and biceps, little did he know he was risking his life. Read more

Police officer helps deliver baby on the highway
A traffic officer helped deliver a baby on May Day morning in the back of a police van after a pregnant woman's car broke down on the highway.

Woman uncovers a two-way mirror in a bar toilet - meaning anyone could watch her
What would you do when you discovered someone was probably watching you in a mirror when you were in a toilet?

Meet Adrianne Lewis - 18 year old girl with the world's longest tongue!
Many people have different things that make them stand out from the crowd. As for 18-year-old Adrianne from Michigan, United States, she is proud to be known as a girl with the world's longest tongue

5 Things you must let go to be happy and successful. By Echelah Mazi
In the world today, every human goes through ups and downs, joys and sorrows once in a while. No one is immune to problems and difficulties. However, there are many ways to survive and live a happy and peaceful life despite our problems and difficulties.


Health benefits of positive thinking
Positive thinking: Stop negative self-talk to reduce stress Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. Practice overcoming negative self-talk with examples provided.

Be positive
The power of positive thinking in whatever situation can never be over emphasized. We are all here for a limited period of time, is it worth it to spend any of that time in a dismal mood

The Power Of Love
Our relationship was on the verge of break up. Her beauty was leaving her somewhere,

Top articles and motivational stories for positive thinking
The power of positive thinking can never be over emphasized. Here is a collection of the best positive thinking topics, advice and helps.

Father weds son! See father and son who just married each other
A 'father' and 'son' have just married themselves after dissolving their adoption. Norman MacArthur and Bill Novak were married on Sunday after living together for several years. Read more

Best blogs about life
Here is a collection of top blogs about life

See Prostitute Who Killed Google Executive
A prostitute charged with killing a Google executive with an overdose of heroin aboard his yacht pleaded guilty on Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs.

The Look That Men Find Most Attractive
It turns out, both men and women find women more attractive when they have less makeup on, according to a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Sleeping positions and what they tell about you
Learn about best sleeping positions for overall fitness and health

Celine Dion in tears over husband's battle with cancer. Dion, 46, and Angelil, 73, married in 1994
An emotional Celine Dion said husband and manager Rene Angelil has to eat through a feeding tube due to his ongoing battle with throat cancer. The couple share three sons together: Rene-Charles, 14, and twins Eddy and Nelson, 4. Click to read more

Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane
The co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525 deliberately crashed the aircraft, French officials said Thursday, pointing to voice recorder evidence that he had locked the captain out of the cockpit, ignored his pleas for re-entry to read more

Most Dangerous Countries To Visit
Many countries are currently facing political upset or a high rate of violence and it is not unusual for tourists to become prime targets

Airport X-ray discovers 8 year-old boy hidden in woman's suitcase at security checkpoint
A woman was traveling from Morocco to Ceuta, a Spanish territory when border patrol agents noticed her awkward movement and acting anxiously. Upon passing her suitcase through an X-ray, they saw something that looked like a human frame. Read more...

See 21 fearless builders who spend time cheating death!
These fearless builders risk their lives to construct a mountain road on a cliff with only hard hats to protect them with no ropes or other safety equipment

American hunter kills Zimbabwe's beloved zoo lion with bow and arrow without permit
Weeks after searching for the killer of one of Zimbabwe's most loved and famous lion, it has been revealed that an American hunter killed the lion after paying $50,000 to two guides. The 13 year old lion, named Cecil, was shot with a crossbow and rifle,

Hollywood celebrities who ended up homeless
Not all success stories have happy endings. Sometimes the rich and famous have inspiring rags-to-riches stories. Other times, these fallen stars lose their way and end up lost, desperate, or homeless. Click to read more

Doing what you're best at
It's always an advantage to do what you are best at

Real profesional model
Interview with Solveiga Mykolaityte, a professional model who has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and FHM, modeling all over the world and has a successful career both online and offline!

Discussion forum
Welcome to our discussion forum. We are happy you visited and we eagerly look forward to reading your meaningful contribution to our discussion

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Woman searched for lost sister for 40yrs, but didn't know that coworker is her lost sister
Holly O'Brien was just 5 years old when her father died and was sent to an orphanage. Thereafter, she was adopted by an American couple. Holly, however never forgot she had a little sister, two years younger and was always praying to find her.

New updates and cause of the terrifying explosions that left dozens dead in China
You can see the devastation everywhere. You can hear the cry for help. Two massive explosions in the port of Tianjin, northern China, left dozens of people dead and hundreds injured. It devastated large areas of the city. Read on..

Man calls 911 at seeing what appears like tiger lounging on top of a car
Officers in Washington State, US received a 911 call from a man who claimed he saw a tiger on top of a sports utility vehicle at Lacamas Lake, a popular recreation area, but it turned out to be a toy! Read more

Remarkably polite people
remarkably giving people--they are impossible to ignore. If you develop those traits, you won't just be likable; those traits will make people want to work with you and do business with you

See what's new!
We're here to inspire, entertain, encourage, educate and let you be the first to know what's happening in the world!

How to find lasting love
Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

Know when to quit and when to hold on
Know when to quit and when to fight on

Money matters
Does money make you mean? Analyses of population data by academics in Europe failed to find any link between wealth and a lack of generosity. If anything, they found the reverse, that wealthier individuals were more likely to offer time and money to other

Money and college degree
You can make money without a college degree

20 Most Cost Effective Colleges In The US
With more and more complains about the US education system and the meager job prospects offered to fresh grads, making the right educational choice has never seemed more challenging

Meet the richest man in the UK
Find out who is the richest of the super-rich, as the country's wealthiest reportedly double their money in just 10 years.

Read latest news, success tips, words of encouragements, famous quotes, inspirational stories, relationship helps. Watch movies, play music, connect with right people, search for jobs, buy stuffs online. Post blogs, share positive thoughts and ideas.
Read latest news, success tips, words of encouragements, famous quotes, inspirational stories, relationship helps. Watch movies, play music, connect with right people, search for jobs, buy stuffs online. Post blogs, share positive thoughts and ideas.

I may not support your reelection as president. Nigeria's first lady told husband
Amid deep recession and growing accusations of non performance, the Nigeria's first lady has told her husband that she may not support his reelection for a second term. The president, who was elected in 2014 as a no-nonesense candidate to clean up Africai

Viral video shows 17-year-old gorilla that grabbed a boy who fell into gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo
A holiday week-end outing at Cincinnati zoo turned doubly tragic when a boy fell into gorilla enclosure. The 450 pound gorilla named Harambe grabbed the child and carried him into a moat. The ape was dragging the boy for about 10 minutes before zoo offic

Death toll rising after Typhoon Soudelor Tornado hit China and Taiwan
Death toll is rising after Typhoon Soudelor Tonado hit China and Taiwan blowing and sweeping away everything - humans, animals, trees and more. This is a terrible situation! After the tornado spins down the road, a woman appears on the right side of the

Mitt Romney: Gosh! Why didn't I run for election in 2016?
The republican nominee in 2012 US presidential election, Mitt Romney has expressed disappointment in the state of 2016 presidential race, stating that he often asks himself why he stayed out of the race for the White House. "I get asked on a regular basis

Groom shocked to find out that his pregnant bride was actually a man!
A man was overjoyed when his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. Wang from China had met the girl online. His family prepared very well for the wedding just for the bride to disappear with all the gifts merely three days after the wedding

25 year-old woman wins Eighteen million dollars in sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss!
A young Swedish woman who sued her former Wall Street executive boss over lurid allegations of sexual conquest, betrayal and stalking was awarded $18 million by a federal jury Monday. Read more...

New breed of 'piranha women' prey on rich men to get pregnant for them
Wealthy men are being tricked into bed by single women who deliberately get pregnant because they view a baby as a career option, a top lawyer warned. These predators - namely man-eating women intent on securing a cushy lifestyle have been dubbed piranhas

Steve Job's Last Words: 'Non-stop pursuit of wealth turns a person into twisted being' - The true story
I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others' eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to. At this moment, lying on the sick b

Worst rain in 1000 years cripples South Carolina. Sate of emergency declared!
Flooding from days of torrential rain have paralyzed much of South Carolina. Officials say at least five people have died so far, and worry that the number could rise. State Gov, Nikki Haley said this is the worst in 1000 years.

Embarrassed mom deeply worried after her seven-year-old son walked in on her having sex with her husband
After a long period of worry and agony, a woman went to online parenting forum, Mumsnet to share her concerns after her seven-year-old son walked in on her having sex with her husband. 'Please tell me I haven't scared my son for life'. She said. Read more

You look different! Online lovers fighting over deceptive internet photos after meeting first time
Two online lovers were caught fighting in the middle of the street after meeting each other first time in real life! In the video, each is seen accusing the other person of using different and misleading photo in online profile

New York man says fortune teller scammed him over seven hundred thousand dollars to fix romantic relationship
A New York man who sought help from a fortune teller to fix a romantic relationship says she scammed him out of more than seven hundred thousand dollars. Read details...

celebrity wedding dresses
Every bride wants to look special on her big day. These celebrity brides definitely looked special. Click to read more

How To Get Over A Break-Up
Falling passionately in love with someone is one of the most exhilarating feelings

Rebirth of the Eagle - A lesson in personal change and success!
The Eagle has the longest life-span among birds. An eagle can live up to 70 years, but to reach this age, the eagle must make a HARD DECISION in life.

Drake just surprised Rihanna with literally the biggest gift ever!
Barely few days the Cash Money Boss, Birdman surprised Toni Braxton with unbelievable gift, Drake has made his feelings for Rihanna public by surprising him with a very big gift!! Take a look at what RiRi got from her long rumored boyfriend, Drake -

Calendar of Events
Read latest news, words of encouragements, famous quotes, motivational stories and relationship helps. Watch movies, play music, connect with right people, search for jobs, buy stuffs online. Post blogs, share positive thoughts, ideas and success stories.

Celebrity and entertainment news, romance, politics,discussion forum, latest jobs, and shop online
Here is a collection of top relationships and dating tips for finding and keeping the love of your life and enjoy endless love

See The Most Tattooed Couple In Britain
Tattoos, have they taken over our lives? One in 5 British adults has tattoos. Among couples, whether it's a subconscious effort to look like their partners or an intentional inking of the body, many spouses end up mirroring each other's style. Read more

Tears on a wedding day! 17 year old girl forced to marry 47 year old man who already has a wife
You can see the sadness in her face and can hear the silent cry for help in her heart. 17 year old Kheda is forced to marry a 47 year old police chief after being threatened with kidnap if she did not comply

5 Things Long-Lasting Couples Do Differently
When asked what keeps their relationship loving and lasting, there are many things that couples swear by.

America's Largest Presbyterian Church Approves Gay Marriage With Majority Vote
The tide has turned for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples seeking to be married in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Going forward, men will be allowed to marry men and women to marry women in the church. Read more...

15 Most Expensive Hotels In The World
Ever got some money and want to spend some time in the same hotel with the world's billionaires? You've come to the right place! Okay, here is a list of our 15 most expensive hotels in the world. Take a look...

Tribunal orders two sisters to be paraded naked and gang-raped as punishment for brother's crime
Two sisters in India have been sentenced to rape as punishment after their brother had an affair with a married woman. An unelected all-male village council in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh, ordered that 23-year-old Meenakshi and her 15-year-old sister

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