71-year-old Swedish ex-wife of Ugandan singer Guvnor Ace gets engaged to her 19-year-old lover

Months after she dumped Ugandan singer, Guvnor Ace, Monalisa Larson, 70-year-old Swedish grandma is engaged to her 19-year-old lover, Aziz Mawanda.

Recall that last year, Monalisa dumped the young singer after she claimed he wanted to impoverish her. 

Brazilian lawyer quits job as a lawyer to become a prostitute

A Brazilian lawyer claims she has found job satisfaction, and a better salary, after quitting her job and starting a new career - as a prostitute.

Respected attorney Claudia de Marchi, an expert in constitutional law, stunned clients and colleagues last year when she suddenly decided to leave her high-powered position in a law firm, and began to advertise her services as a 'high luxury courtesan'.

Serena Williams pregnancy pregnancy is confirmed after days of speculations

Serena Williams, the best women’s tennis player of this era and one of the world’s most prominent athletes, confirmed on Wednesday April 19, 2017 that she was pregnant and expecting her first child later this year.

Williams, 35, has not played a match since winning her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open on Jan. 28, when she was already close to two months pregnant, New York Times reports.

The announcement was the latest surprise from Williams, who unexpectedly announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, a businessman and the co-founder of Reddit, in December 2016. 

Janet Jackson splits from her third husband three months after giving birth at 50

Janet Jackson has split from her multi-millionaire husband just months after giving birth to her first child at the age of 50, sources close to the singer told the Daily Mail on Sunday last night.

The pop-star sister of the late Michael Jackson wed Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana in 2012 and their son, Eissa, was born on January 3. 

Furious wife frogmarches a 20-year-old girl NAKED through the streets

A furious wife frogmarched a woman naked through a residential area after catching her in bed with her husband. 

She was filmed holding onto the 20-year-old woman's hair as she paraded her past a series of apartment blocks in Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her teenage sons and their friends can be heard howling in order to attract attention from neighbours.

The wife, who has not been named, followed her partner to a friend's apartment before catching him in bed with the woman. 

She reportedly slashed the woman's hair with a razor before tearing off her clothes. 

Serena Williams finally engaged to co-founder Reddit

Alexis Ohanian, investor and founder of Reddit, is now engaged to tennis star Serena Williams. Ohanian, who lives in Brooklyn, didn't add much more to the news, simply sharing the Reddit link to his Facebook page with three simple words: "She said yes." 

Zimbabwe’s 70-year-old minister marries 23-year-old girl in an elaborate wedding

A video showing 70-year-old Zimbabwean minister dancing uncontrollably after he married 23-year-old girl has gone viral on internet.

According to New Zimbabwe, the Matebeleland North Provincial Governor Cain Mathema wedded his youthful wife Bathabetsoe Nare in a colorful wedding in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

Busted! Cheating groom’s secret lover showed up to wedding in the same dress as the bride

Like a melodrama, a groom's cheating ways was exposed after his secret lover gatecrashed his wedding wearing the same dress as his bride.

The event happened in Ghana. The Church ceremony was interrupted when the woman suddenly appeared in the same white gown, gloves and a veil like the bride

Groom refuses to cancel wedding ceremony even after bride died one hour before wedding

43 year-old Fana Maphumulo, from South Africa refused to cancel his wedding ceremony with fiancée who died just one hour before the wedding.
“In October 2016, 42-year-old Nana Mkhize reportedly told her future husband Fana Maphumulo, 43, that she had a dream that she would die on her wedding day.
 The wedding day arrived on first Saturday of November 2016! Hundreds of people gathered at a beautifully decorated wedding venue at Kloof Civic Centre, Durban, South Africa, to witness the couple’s big day only for Nana’s dream to become a reality. She died! 

Woman accuses husband of forcing her to sleep with stranger so he can make money

A Zimbabwean woman, Junior Phiri, has accused her husband, Douglas Hazvinei Gondo, of forcing her into prostitution to enable him raise funds for a project. According to Hmetro, Phiri said her husband asked her to sleep with a stranger so that he would claim compensation in the sum of $3000. “This man is saying that I am a prostitute yet he is the one who pleaded with me to have s*x with a certain man so that he would go and claim money from him to start a business. 

67-year-old Irish man infects Nigerian girlfriend, six others with HIV

James Turner, a 67-year-old Irish national resident in Nigeria was accused by his 31-year-old Nigerian girlfriend of deliberately infecting her with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Upon interrogation, he admitted having extramarital affair with no fewer than six other women in addition to his girlfriend and that he sent his wife back home to Ireland when his HIV status was confirmed in order not to infect her with the virus, Vanguard reports. 

Chinese woman kneels down and proposes to man with bike and property deed!

With more single men than women roaming the streets in China, Chinese girls now seem to hold a lot of power when it comes to romantic relationship. They are the ones that choose who they want to marry and propose instead of the other way round!

Traditionally, before asking for a girl’s hand in marriage, guys are generally expected to have a home and a car. But the tradition is changing so fast in China. 

Parishioners in shock after discovering that their priest is secretly married to two women

Parishioners at Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Kakuri parish, Kaduna State in Nigeria are still in shock after they discovered that their respected 54-year-old parish priest, Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni secretly married two women.

According to sunnewsonline, one of the wives passed away while one is nursing a child for the priest at the moment. The surviving wife recently decided to reveal the secret. According to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, only unmarried men are ordained into the priesthood as they are obligated to swear to an oath of celibacy and observe perfect and perpetual service for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. This, it is believed, would enable the priests to easily remain close to Christ with an undivided heart, and dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and the congregation, sunnewsonline reports. Though, not a Bible requirement. 

6-year-old Afghan girl forced to marry 55-year-old man in exchange for a goat

A video of a crying 6-year-old Aghan girl has gone viral on the internet! The girl, known only as Gharibgol, was forced to marry a 55-year-old man after her father allegedly sold her in exchange for a goat. 

This happened barely few days after a 60-year-old Afghan cleric was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a six-year-old girl and marrying her, although he insisted she was a ‘religious offering’ from her parents.   

Woman seeking love online beheaded after going on a first date with a stranger

A young woman seeking love online was 'beheaded' after going on a first date with a stranger on July 24, 2016.

22-year-old Kristina Medvedeva, who used dating websites, was found dead beside a lake on the outskirts of Ekaterinburg in Russia, and there was no evidence that she was raped, according to source.

The 22-year-old's body was discovered in a mutilated state, with her head almost entirely severed three days after she was last seen online.

The shop assistant, who lived in the city, had moved from her provincial hometown Talitsa in search of love and a new life. 

26-year-old twin sisters from South Africa marry the same man

Identical twins, Owami and Olwethu Mzazi from Vosloorus, South Africa have always shared everything together.  Now, they have taken a step further by marrying the same man.  The 26-year-old twin sisters fell in love with 51-year-old Mzukiseni Mzazi and decided to marry and share him. When interviewed by a South African magazine, the sisters said they'd always known they'd marry same man as they have shared everything else together since they were born. “We have always done everything together. We share everything. 

Couple's naked wedding photos go viral on the internet!

A set of naked wedding photos, taken of a bride and groom in Zhangjiajie scenic spot China, has gone viral on the internet.

The photoswhich show the couple posing nude in front of the many spectacular mountain peaks and waterfalls that make up this scenic area in Hunan, have been condemned by many people online. Some say the photos are "distasteful" and "immoral." Others have even described it as a "tacky promotion" by Zhanjiajie, China. 

Woman admits having incestuous relationship with her son. Plans to have baby together

32-year-old Ben Ford ditched his wife when he met his mother Kim West after 30 years of living apart. 

Her mother, Kim West shared her experience about how she has been enjoying “incredible and mind-blowing” sex with son Ben Ford ever since they met in 2014

The English-born mother became pregnant while studying in California and after giving birth to her son aged 19, gave him up for adoption . 

Too ugly to wed! Man jumped into river to commit suicide. Reason? Bride is too ugly to marry

If not for police officers who intervened, 33 year old Kang Hu  from China would have been a dead man by now. Kang Hu jumped into the river to commit suicide on his wedding day.

The reason? He said the bride is too ugly to marry him.

Two Kenyan men sign agreement to marry and share the same woman!

For years, two men, Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kiman from Mombasa county, Kenya had been fighting over a woman who is in love with both of them. The woman had been having affairs with both men for more than four years and apparently refused to choose between them.

Wedding guest tackles and pushes groom into deep swimming pool

Never a 'romantic' moment with some people around! Kane Toby and Louise Whyman from Australia were performing their first dance, holding each other’s arms at a resort in Koh Samul, Thailand when an invited guest, Cheyne Batterham ran onto the dancefloor and pushed his friend into deep swimming pool. 

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan completely humiliated by sex tape

Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan said he was "completely humiliated" by the publication of a video showing him having sex with the wife of his then best friend.

"I was completely humiliated," he said. "It was even embarrassing as my character. Hulk Hogan was embarrassed." 

New breed of ‘piranha women’ prey on rich men to get pregnant for them

Gold diggers on the rise!

THERE are plenty of fish in the sea – but wealthy men should watch out for the Piranha.

Wealthy men are being tricked into bed by single women who deliberately get pregnant because they view a baby as a career option, a top lawyer warnedThese predators – namely man-eating women intent on securing a cushy lifestyle – have been dubbed piranhas

Man logged into a stranger's Facebook account by accident. They ended up married!

Funny as it may sound. Creepy as it may seem, the love story between Schuyler Benson and Celeste Zendler started by accident!

In 2009, Schuyler Benson opened Facebook on his flip phone. To his surprise, he found that he was logged into Celeste's account – a girl he had never met before. Whatever caused the girl’s Facebook account to open on his phone remains a mystery to him. But their romance life is just getting started! 

Michael Jackson’s daughter glows with beauty. Thinks about nothing, but her new boyfriend!

Paris Jackson was 11 years when her father died in 2009 and has maintained low profile since then, but is now becoming a social media star, thanks to her incredible looks! If you see Michael Jackson’s daughter now you will hardly recognize her. With those piercing blue eyes, Paris Jackson has always been pretty, but the 17-year-old has now blossomed into a stunning young woman. Jackson looks healthier and happier than she has in a long time.The two posed for pictures at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Read more

Viral video shows elderly woman kissing teenage boy inside elevator. Boy pushed her away!

Surveillance footage showing a very creepy encounter between an elderly woman and a teenage boy in an elevator has gone viral on the Chinese internet. Little did the woman know there was surveillance video and in the elevator! According to Sina News, after the two entered the lift of a residential building, the woman thought to be in her sixties seemed to fall in love at first sight with the innocent boy and suddenly tried to give him a smooch. Read more

Eritrean Govt orders men to marry at least two wives or be sent to jail for life!

Men in Eritrea have been ordered by the President Isaias Afwerki-led government to marry more than one wife or be sent to jail for life.

The declaration was made in part as a result of shortage of men in Eritrea caused by the Eritrean-Ethiopian War of 1998-2000. The war left 150,000 Eritrean soldiers dead out of a population of only 4 million. 

Florida woman arrested for attacking hubby who wouldn't stop farting in bed

A Florida woman was arrested in December for allegedly attacking her gassy husband who couldn’t stop farting in bed according to source

55-year-old Dawn Meikle of the 500 block of Southwest Sadwick Avenue in Port St. Lucie was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge for kicking and elbowing her husband as he let off a symphony of flatulence, according to First Coast News

Increasing number of Chinese women buy sex dolls to satisfy husbands at old age

According to latest report, the business is booming in China as women who no longer want to make love are picking up the sex toy to satisfy their ageing partners. 

Wives are buying sex dolls for husbands - to avoid satisfying their desires themselves. 

Girl strips naked in public to fight boyfriend who refused to buy iPhone for her

Nowadays, many relationships entail not just true love and happiness, but also periods of complete madness. There are growing misunderstandings among couples which are sometimes caused by materialism, jealousy and boredom. No doubtloverscan argue and fight over pretty things which may seem normal. Some of us are familiar with that feeling somehow. That feeling of desperation and hopelessness whenever the person we love just can’t seem to understand us.

A musician killed himself after his mistress threatened to tell his wife of their secret love affair

32 year old Tom Caulfield had been having secret affair with the woman only known as Amy for six months before he ended their relationship. As soon as he ended the relationship, Amy told him she will tell his wife what they had been doing. Two weeks after, he hanged himself!

Tom was due to make his debut at the Isle of Wight Festival  in two months before he killed himself. Read more

Viral video shows government official molesting and striping woman naked in a restaurant

A Chinese government official has been expelled after scandalous videos of him molesting and stripping a woman naked in a restaurant went viral! 
The video shows Chen Jianming, Deputy Secretary of a local Communist Party in Jiangsu province, eastern China, attempting to rip off a woman's shirt and shorts as the woman struggled to free herself from him.
Read more

Agonies of pretension and double life: The story of Beatrice and Bobby

She was a stranger I met in a party on Friday night. Because of her beauty and dance steps, we suddenly became friends and exchanged numbers.  She told me her name is Beatrice. I told her mine is Bobby.

I pretended to be a rich guy. Within one week, we ‘went very far’. 

Because I wanted her badly by my side all the time, I promised her 25,000 dollars as we were holding hands and playing. I didn’t care to know her house, or any of her friends.  In my mind I said, who cares knowing anything else.
 Read more

The sexiest accent in the world is...

In a new survey taken by a magazine, Brits come out on top as having the sexiest accents in the world. (To be fair, the magazine originated in London!

The survey was given to readers in 24 cities including London, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. Of the 11,000 participants surveyed, 27 percent declared that British people have "the world's most dateable accents." Read more

China's weird kissing competition:Couple locks lips for 2 hours 43 minutes!

In this year’s kissing competition held on August 23rd 2015,  a  total of 20 couples signed up to show their love for one another by making out in uncomfortable positions while a crowd of people eagerly takes photos. It was held at Chongqing, China.  The winning couple managed to keep their lips locked through seven different excruciating positions and 56 grueling minutes. Read more


Why are older men looking at women half their age?

It’s been a week of gloomy thoughts about what one applicant called “the packaging”. In fact, he wasn’t an applicant. He wrote specifically to tell me he wasn’t. “It’s a shame I don’t fancy you,” he said, “because otherwise you tick all the boxes.” Another said I sounded nice, but added: “Though unfortunately I have stringent physical criteria.” Read more


Kazakhstan boy dresses like girlfriend to write exam for her

A boyfriend scored extra points with his 17-year-old girlfriend by dressing up as her to take an end-of-year exam in her place. 
Ayan Zhademov, 20, of Kazakhstan, was desperate to help his girlfriend when she told him how worried she was about an upcoming exam. Read more

Chinese man collapses upon hearing that daughter said yes to marriage proposal by a Japanese

A Chinese father in east China's Shanghai reportedly burst into tears and collapsed on the floor in a jewelry store after hearing that his daughter said YES to a marriage proposal by a Japanese man.

The Japanese man, NagaO flew to Shanghai, China to ask his Chinese girlfriend, a native of Shanghai to marry him. The two lovers  met when the young woman was studying abroad in JapanRead more


Man sues ex-girlfriend after she won $1m ‘joint lottery’ and dumped him!

A Florida man is suing his ex-girlfriend after she won $1million on the lottery and allegedly ran off before giving him his share.


Howard Browning claims he and Lynn Anne Poirier, his partner of 16 years, had agreed that if they won any money on several $20 lottery raffle tickets bought after a meal out at Red Lobster in Seminole County in July 2007, they would split the winnings. Read more



11 Things That Instantly Make A Man Hot

"What is the first thing you notice in a man?"

I thought about it for a moment. Did I notice eyes? Hair? Smile? Shoulders? None of these answers seemed to fit. When I was younger, I tended to like men who were tall, thin, and dark-haired. But now, at 52, I don't really have a "type." At least, not a physical type. I gravitate towards men with a palpable sexiness. But just what, I asked myself, makes a man so sexy you can feel it emanating from him when he walks in the room?

I let my mind wander over images of men throughout my life who have made my breath catch, and my skin tingle, just by being in their presence. Sometimes I remembered how a t-shirt clung to one man's shoulders, or how another held my gaze unabashedly over a glass of wine. But mostly I reflected on the intangibles -- qualities, values, character traits -- a man must possess so that I want to send plates flying as I crawl across the dinner table and lower myself onto his lap.

These are 11 things I came up with: Read more

Man arrested immediately after proposing to girlfriend who said yes!

A man from China who planned an elaborate marriage proposal for his girlfriend on a busy Chengdu intersection, China was arrested by police just moments after the girlfriend said yes.

Zhang Liang invited nearly 100 friends and family members to surprise his girlfriend. He knelt down before the crowd and popped the question on Chengdu's busy Xichun Road. Read more 

Female university student caught having sex in a busy public street.

A female student from mainland China pleaded guilty in court  after she and another student were caught on camera having sex in a busy Hong Kong street, Apple Daily reports.

It happened at around 4:00 a.m. on April 1. Both defendants were videotaped having sex near a bus stop on Fat Kong Street outside of the Polytechnic University dorms in Ho Man Tin. Read more

Shameless girls who can be ordered on phone to provide sex services

Whether you like them or not, they don't care. Whether you speak against them or not, they remain shameless as high class sex workers who can be "ordered on phone" for sex services.

While on This Morning, Emily B and Cookie Jane discussed prices for their service. They said that they charge between £500 and £5,000 for their servicesRead more

15 Signs a woman is flirting with you

The art of flirting is a skill that takes time and practice to master. Women are known all over the world as innovators of subtlety, so it’s up to the man to remain keenly aware of every gesture, every word, and every glance she throws your way.

But while we’re not always the most attentive creatures on the face of the Earth, the lady who is interested has key indicators that should be noticeable to even the most Mr. Magoo-type man. Read more

10 types of men you should avoid

Dating in general is not the easiest task on the planet no matter          how easy it may seem. It takes the effort of both parties to make it worth  the try. When it is not happening the way it is supposed to, things  go wrong. The truth is, most of the time when we have issues when dating, the signs would have been there earlier but we chose to  overlook it. This is because most people have the mentality that you can change the person over a period of time. This is wrong.  These article is to give you an idea of the type of men to avoid before it gets too late. Read more

I Love You: 15 Ways Guys Say It Without Saying It

Love makes fools of us all, men and women equally. However, women are more prone to expressing their feelings. It's just how we roll. We like to put it all on the table. Men, on the other hand, will sometimes show their love for you in non-verbal gestures.

From the way he kisses you to how intently he listens to his posture (of all crazy things), your man is trying to tell you how much you mean to him without actually saying that precious four-letter little word. Read more

Has prostitution taken over Rome?

The number of streetwalkers has surged in Rome - the heart of Catholicism. This is a terrible situation! Rome’s officials are crying every day, calling the situation a stain on the dignity of the city’s citizens. But in a town of sinners as well as saints, outright bans on selling sex have failed before, leaving city authorities struggling to find a way to manage the situation.

One of the new ways they are contemplating according to source is to corral the growing number of sex workers into an unpopulated set of designated streets — in short, a tucked-away red-light district. Read more

Meet identical twins who share one boyfriend!

Lucy and Anna DeCinque blew their savings on breast implants, lip fillers, fake eyebrows and eyelashes to make sure they look exactly the same.

And the 28-year-olds, who were born just a minute apart, are so close they claim to never leave each other's side. Read more

Love and courtship in 1950s Japan

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married, buy a house and have (on average) 2.2 children. This may have been a common story for heterosexual couples in America in the 1950s, but when LIFE dispatched John Dominis to capture love and marriage in post-war Japan, he found a landscape undergoing a significant transformation. Read more

15 signs that your employees are having office romance

You’d think people have enough to do when they are at work, but obviously they don’t, as they spend huge amounts of time gossiping about each other. And nothing is juicier than other people’s love lives, especially when it’s supposed to be a secret.

The latest rumor making the rounds at your company is that John in marketing and Martha the office manager are “seeing each other” outside the usual channels if you catch our drift. But how can you really know for sure, aside from hacking into their email?        Read more

Catholic priest convicted of sexually assaulting sleeping woman inside plane

Recently, there has been growing cases of women suffering sexual assaults while sleeping inside plane. This is troubling because many of these cases are coming from self-acclaimed men of God. A Catholic priest was found guilty on Friday of sexually assaulting a woman while she was sleeping on a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles last August. Read more

5 reasons to stop seeking acceptance of people who won't accept you

It is fascinating how often we crave the acceptance and approval of those who won't accept us. It is an unhealthy pattern to continually pursue people who reject us. We do this because we see our lovability as directly related to their approval so we keep trying to be "better" or "do more." We do this so we can approve of ourselves through another person's approval of us, as if their approval finally makes us good enough. The healthiest way out of this pattern is to look at why we deeply believe we need the acceptance of those people. Do they determine our worth? Should we have to prove ourselves all the time only to hear we are not measuring up? If so, we are not picking the right people to have relationships with. Read more

Ever fall in love with a stranger? 

It is no longer news that Barbara Tatge has long been searching for a stranger she kissed while running Boston Marathon this year – a campaign that generated nationwide attention in the US. What is news, however, is that an unidentified woman who claims to be the man’s wife has finally written her. As for Barbara, she promised to kiss again, but only single men going forward! Read more


It’s no secret that love is a powerful force. It causes us to do and say things we’d never expect of ourselves. And though we live in a society that is hyper concerned with the way people look, love has the power to make you overlook physical imperfections and see a person for who they are inside. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook followers if they’ve ever fallen in love with a man they initially found unattractive and whether or not they thought they were capable of doing so. See what they had to say. Read more

Unknowingly dating your biological sister online?
-True life story of Erik and Josephine

24 year old Erik moved from Belgium to Holland for studies. While in Holland and looking for a girlfriend, he decided to download Tinder, a dating application so he can hopefully find the love of his life and settle down. Automatically, the dating application matched him with a 22 year old girl, Josephine. Right away, the two started chatting and flirting. Feelings started developing gradually.

However, unknown to both of them, they were actually biological brother and sister who haven’t seen each other for 15 years since their parents split! Read more


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