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Simone Saint Laurent is a model blogger based in Europe. After being discovered by a famous Brasilian model scouter, she has launched a career as fashion model and rocks the runways of the world walking together with supermodels like Naomi Campbell. On her Instagram page she regularly shares her experiences as a fashion model by providing her followers with the latest news and is just overflowing with positivism.

I had the great chance to interview a woman who radiates such a positive energy and who is brimming over with life…

Discover her story and be infected by her positive attitude!


Simone Saint Laurent

ModelManagement: When did you first know that you wanted to be a model? Was there any trigger that encouraged you to model?

Simone Saint Laurent: Yes. The only thing that prompted me to be a model was when an exceptionally famous model scouter from Brazil, Newton Olivieira scouted potential future models in my school for The Elite Model national competition of the prestigious Elite Model Agency in São Paulo – Brazil.

MM: What has been your most memorable photo shoot or catwalk experience and why?

SSL: After being discovered as a model, I always dreamed of working with Naomi Campbell. That dream came true in Germany. I was one of the lucky few that has been selected to be on the Runway for a very famous German Designer named Gerry Weber and I was the only black model that went behind from Naomi Campbell on the catwalk. It was for me like a Magic!


Simone Saint Laurent


MM: On your Instagram page, you don’t only share your work as a model, backstage footage and your lifestyle, but also lots about healthy eating. What’s the message you want to get across? What do you want your followers to take away from your blog?

SSL: As a model, I am determined to not only be a standard of beauty but also a health enthusiast. I wanted to share to every woman that beauty knows no weight, or skin color. Being beautiful is feeling good about oneself. I love to share what I eat because I suppose that we are what we eat! I consume almost only organic and 90% vegan foods. I wanted to people to be aware of the wonders of the foods that are found in nature and the benefits we gain from eating healthy. I also wanted everyone to be sentient on the effects of eating too much of animal products.

In addition, I wanted to specifically show to the teenagers that it is crucial to eat and that we models didn’t restrict ourselves from eating. I’m saddened by the news that I read in newspapers about the increasing incidences of eating disorders among teenage girls. I wanted to correct them in the wrong impression that models don’t eat. I wanted to encourage every woman in the world to feel good about themselves. I want to be an ambassador of change in this world; to contribute in the protection of our mother earth and to empower all women out there to feel happy with what they are right now because I truly believe that the best beauty product is to love and accept oneself. By doing so you, one can automatically become beautiful and attractive!


Simone Saint Laurent’s official Instagram

MM: Your positive attitude and charisma is really infectious. Is there any secret recipe? Do you have any tips for aspiring models?

SSL: Yes, there is a secret. The secret is to follow your heart and your intuition. I think if you have a strong desire on something, nothing is impossible and if you are honest to yourself and the universe, you would certainly get what you want.


Simone Saint Laurent

MM: Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

SSL: Sunshine, happiness, spontaneity, faithful, and optimistic


Simone Saint Laurent

MM: What’s one thing in your closet that you would never part with?

SSL: My Hermes bag! I will have this bag Forever!!!!


Simone Saint Laurent

Thank you Simone for the truly inspiring interview! If you also just can’t get enough of her contagious smile and her positive charisma, check out her Model profile & blog and discover her latest posts.


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