Groom refuses to cancel wedding ceremony after bride died on wedding day

43 year-old Fana Maphumulo, from South Africa refused to cancel his wedding ceremony with fiancée who died just one hour before the wedding.

“In October 2016, 42-year-old Nana Mkhize reportedly told her future husband Fana Maphumulo, 43, that she had a dream that she would die on her wedding day.

The wedding day arrived on first Saturday of November 2016! Hundreds of people gathered at a beautifully decorated wedding venue at Kloof Civic Centre, Durban, South Africa, to witness the couple’s big day only for Nana’s dream to become a reality. She died! Scroll down...

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42-year-old Nana Mkhize from G section in Umlazi, south Durban, South Africa, was reportedly admitted to hospital a day before her wedding after she complained of feeling weak. She died an hour before it was time for her to tie the knot, according to source.

The couple had reportedly been in a relationship for more than 20 years. They both have four kids and had been planning the wedding for many years before the tragic incident on their wedding day.

Fana from Hammersdale, west of Durban South Africa, however stood strong, and continued with the wedding ceremony even though his fiancee passed away. He asked the pastor to pray as he placed both rings on his finger and wedded. 


Fana stated that the wedding plans took so long because they never had enough money to marry.

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