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A woman afraid of opening bank account buries money underground

A young man is looking for a way to exchange rotten cash at local banks after his mother buried over $15,000 (100,000RMB) in cash under the floor of her kitchen for four years

scrap24 years ago, Zhang’s mother, wary of depositing her money in the bank, wrapped stacks of banknotes in a plastic bag and stored them in an iron box before deciding to keep them under the floor of her kitchen.

Recently, when Zhang was getting married, his mother finally remembered the $15,000 she buried underground and went to dig it out hoping to provide a beautiful wedding for her son. But she was distraught to find out that her entire life’s savings had decomposed, reports South China Morning News.

“This is almost all of my parents’ life savings. They can’t accept what has happened. So I want to go to banks and see if they have any solution.” Mr Zhang said

A damaged banknote appraiser known by last name, Lin told him that based on the current exchange rate, he was not going to get $15,000  for his mash of money. After taking pictures of the banknotes, Lin said that he would help Mr. Zhang contact the bank in Nanjing for further evaluation.


The practice of hiding money inside the home to avoid theft was commonplace in China before the rise of the banking industry in the country. Many Chinese citizens, lacking trust in the banking system, still store their money inside their homes today.

Similar incidents have occurred before. Last July, a Guangdong migrant worker in his 60s tragically found that the 80 thousand yuan he'd stored in his shed had been eaten by termites to half of the original amount.

Earlier this year, a woman from Shaoshan, Hunan province of China, accidentally lit her and her husband’s stash of 100,000 yuan ($16,100) on fire while it was being stored in the oven.

Source: Shanghaiist, Nextshark

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