Weird video of woman  applying full face of make-up to a monkey goes viral. Receives over 30 million views!

A controversial video of a woman applying make-up to a monkey has sparked debate online. 

Some have slammed the woman for doing it while others have said it was just a bit of fun


The video has been viewed more than 30 million times since it was uploaded to Facebook in January.

In the youtube video, the little monkey is seen sitting on the edge of a table while a woman uses tweezers to pluck her eyebrows. The woman further applied lipsticks as monkey remained calm showing teeth and mouth.

The woman, who is not pictured, says: "Oh she's so pretty. A beautiful angel."

Looking at the video, the monkey appears to gesture for the 'grooming' to continue after the woman, thought to be her owner, stops.

Next comes moisturiser before the monkey gently closes her eyes and leans forward as the woman puts a small amount of the make up on her.

She then asks: "You ready for your eye shadow?", before gently dusting the animal's eyelids with the product.

Finally comes lipstick as the monkey eagerly sticks her mouth forward with the lips open as the woman puts a layer of red make up on the animal.


Although many comments have been positive, a large number have also slammed the woman for treating the animal like this and questioned if it was a proper way to care for it.


Posting on YouTube, where the video is also uploaded, Lucas Posada Quevedo said: "This is sad. Putting an animal through such stupidity. This little fella should be in the jungle."


Jenny Roy said: "This is not attractive, this is a primate, not a 'toy' or 'pet'. If you see primates in their correct environment you will see just how much this is inappropriate.

"I am sure this macaque is 'loved' but if you really love an animal you would want the best environment for it and this is most definitely not."

On Twitter, Jordan Reilly wrote: ‘I just watched a video of a lady putting make up on a monkey. I don't understand our world anymore.’


While YouTube user Samantha B wrote: ‘Are you sure she likes it? Baring teeth is a sign of fear and threatening in the monkey world. The video is cute, I just don't know if it's worth the monkey's agony.’

Speaking to MailOnline, PETA's UK Director, Mimi Bekhechi, said that ill-informed people are often inspired to obtain monkeys as pets on the back of such videos.


In the video the owner proceeds to apply what looks like moisturising cream, eye-liner, mascara and finally, and perhaps most shockingly, red lipstick


She said: ‘Macaques live in highly interactive troops of 80 to 100 members, and a young female rhesus monkey stays with her mother and sisters for life.

They form ‘one of the tightest and most complicated social systems in the animal kingdom,’ according to renowned primatologist Frans de Waal.

‘In captivity, this essential social fabric is ripped apart, and their individual needs and desires – such as seeking a mate, raising their young, and resolving territorial disputes – are completely thwarted.

‘A life indoors without the essential companionship of other monkeys – to be used as a living doll, no less – bears no resemblance to a macaque's natural life.


PETA's UK director, Mimi Bekhechi, said that videos like this 'often inspire ill-informed people to obtain monkeys as pets'

According to source, PETA's UK director, Mimi Bekhechi, said that videos like this 'often inspire ill-informed people to obtain monkeys as pets'


‘What's more, many captive primates were torn away from their mothers in the wild shortly after birth, leaving them with lasting psychological scars.’

She concluded by saying that keeping monkeys is also potentially dangerous for humans and that not only are stressed primates known to lash out and attack those who keep them in captivity, they can also transmit disease.

Adding: ‘The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the risk of herpes B transmission makes macaques in particular unsuitable as pets.’


The footage was posted to a Facebook site called Misfitland Farm, where other videos show the monkey, and other animals, opening gifts from fans.


PETA's UK director, Mimi Bekhechi, said that videos like this 'often inspire ill-informed people to obtain monkeys as pets'

Sources: Mirror; Dailymail


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