Commotion as bride strips naked during her wedding after allegedly being ‘attacked by evil spirits’ 

What was supposed to be the happiest day of this bride’s life turned tragic for her after she suddenly went mad, right in the middle of her traditional marriage ceremony.
The young woman from the Masaka area of Uganda, was brutally attacked by ‘evil ghosts’ on her traditional wedding day and she undressed herself to the shock of everyone present.

Husband of woman brain damaged by rock thrown to his moving car commits suicide

The husband of an  Ohio woman left brain damaged after teenagers threw a rock through the windshield of her moving car has committed suicide – two years after the incident. 

In July 2014, 54-year-old Sharon Budd was driving with her husband of 33 years, Randy Budd, and their daughter Kaylee, 21, from Ohio to New York when a 5lb rock came crashing through the window of their Nissan Rogue. 

Crazy wedding: Indian couple married mid air - hanging on a dangling rope!

When two lovers, Zehdir and Reshma from Kolhapur Maharashtra, India

decided it was time to get married, they opted for a wildly unconventional route by exchanging vows dangling 295ft above the ground. And yes, they lived to tell the tale! 

Couple planned for $48,000 wedding in a palace, but ended up wedding in a hospital

Steph Murphy’s $48,000 dream wedding took a nightmarish twist, just two days before the ceremony. 
With a Croatian palace booked for the nuptials , 40 relatives and friends had joined Steph and hubby-to-be James Goss for a memorable day that had taken 18 months to plan.

Everything was in place, every detail taken care of – and eager James had even agreed to take dance lessons so he could make Steph proud at the ­reception party. 

Groom shocked to find out that his 'pregnant bride' was actually a man!

A man was overjoyed when his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant last October.

According to Shanghaiist, Wang from Huaiyang county, Henan province had met the girl online. His family went out all for the wedding preparations, only for the bride to vanish after a mere three days -- along with gifts and valuables worth tens of thousands. 

Tears of joy as woman reunites with son after 21 years he went missing!

For twenty-one years, Maria Mancia was in pains looking for her son not knowing anything or his whereabouts. The only thing that Maria had of her son was a single photo, a slightly blurry image of 18-months old boy.

Maria never gave up hope that someday, she would be reunited with her child who was kidnapped 21 years ago. And on Thursday June 9, 2016, that dream came true. Maria reunited with son! 

Woman admits having incestuous relationship with her son. Plans to have baby together

32-year-old Ben Ford ditched his wife when he met his mother Kim West after 30 years of living apart. 

Her mother, Kim West shared her experience about how she has been enjoying “incredible and mind-blowing” sex with son Ben Ford ever since they met in 2014

The English-born mother became pregnant while studying in California and after giving birth to her son aged 19, gave him up for adoption . 

Father of the groom accidentally shot dead by guest during son's wedding.

This is the horrifying moment the father of a groom was shot dead during an Indian wedding when he was blasted in the head during gunfire celebrations.

Mansoor Patel was celebrating the marriage of his son Shekhar in India, when a guest accidentally shot him from just a few meters away. 

Two Kenyan men sign agreement to marry and share the same woman!

For years, two men, Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kiman from Mombasa county, Kenya had been fighting over a woman who is in love with both of them. The woman had been having affairs with both men for more than four years and apparently refused to choose between them.

Wedding guest tackles and pushes groom into deep swimming pool

Never a 'romantic' moment with some people around! Kane Toby and Louise Whyman from Australia were performing their first dance, holding each other’s arms at a resort in Koh Samul, Thailand when an invited guest, Cheyne Batterham ran onto the dancefloor and pushed his friend into deep swimming pool. 

Ohio woman discovers that her late husband was actually her dad

We will pause here briefly to enable you process the headline. It took us a while too.


It was a dark secret. The kind that destroys lives, devastates families and decimates faith.

Nobody shared it with her while her husband was alive. For years after his death, she heard bits of the story. It was something about an absentee father, something about her husband.

An Ohio woman said she did not know that her late husband was actually her father, CBS reports. Her husband and father, Percy Spruill, died in 1998 at the age of 60. 

Man logged into a stranger's Facebook account by accident. They ended up married!

Funny as it may sound. Creepy as it may seem, the love story between Schuyler Benson and Celeste Zendler started by accident!

In 2009, Schuyler Benson opened Facebook on his flip phone. To his surprise, he found that he was logged into Celeste's account – a girl he had never met before. Whatever caused the girl’s Facebook account to open on his phone remains a mystery to him. But their romance life is just getting started! 

Viral photo shows twin girls and their mom. Everybody is wondering: Which one is their mom?

When 16 year old Kaylan Mahomes posted a recent car selfie with her twin, Kyla, and their 35-year-old mother, the social media world went into confusion.

But because all three share the same youthful glow -- it looks more like a picture of triplets -- everyone is trying to figure out which one is the mom

Eritrean Govt orders men to marry at least two wives or be sent to jail for life!

Men in Eritrea have been ordered by the President Isaias Afwerki-led government to marry more than one wife or be sent to jail for life.

The declaration was made in part as a result of shortage of men in Eritrea caused by the Eritrean-Ethiopian War of 1998-2000. The war left 150,000 Eritrean soldiers dead out of a population of only 4 million. 

Florida woman arrested for attacking hubby who wouldn't stop farting in bed

A Florida woman was arrested in December for allegedly attacking her gassy husband who couldn’t stop farting in bed according to source

55-year-old Dawn Meikle of the 500 block of Southwest Sadwick Avenue in Port St. Lucie was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge for kicking and elbowing her husband as he let off a symphony of flatulence, according to First Coast News.

Co-workers turn out to be sisters

Holly O'Brien was just 5 years old when her father died and was later sent to an orphanage. Thereafter, she was adopted by an American couple. Holly, however never forgot that she had a little sister, two years younger, who was taken by her step-mom. She had always prayed to find her younger sister all of her life. 

Agonies of pretension and double life: The story of Beatrice and Bobby

She was a stranger I met in a party on Friday night. Because of her beauty and dance steps, we suddenly became friends and exchanged numbers.  She told me her name is Beatrice. I told her mine is Bobby.

I pretended to be a rich guy. Within one week, we ‘went very far’. 

Because I wanted her badly by my side all the time, I promised her 25,000 dollars as we were holding hands and playing. I didn’t care to know her house, or any of her friends.  In my mind I said, who cares knowing anything else.
 Read more

Man crying for days eating no food, vomiting and defecating after girlfriend broke up with him

Please discuss together and resolve your differences, breaking up can be very heartbreaking and deadly. A Young man is struggling badly to accept his new relationship status after girlfriend dumped him. In a very lengthy and weird post, he shared his tears and emotions, crying, vomiting and defecating. What happened? He received a text message from his girlfriend saying that it’s all over with them. Read more


You look different! Algerian man sues wife a day after wedding for deceit by make-up

An Algerian man has sued his new wife for $20,000 because of fraud and the alleged psychological distress she caused him when he first saw her without makeup. The man took his wife to court just a day after their marriage, accusing her of not looking as pretty as before the wedding and of cheating him with much make-upRead more

Ever fall in love with a stranger? 

It is no longer news that Barbara Tatge has long been searching for a stranger she kissed while running Boston Marathon this year – a campaign that generated nationwide attention in the US. What is news, however, is that an unidentified woman who claims to be the man’s wife has finally written her. As for Barbara, she promised to kiss again, but only single men going forward! Read more

Kazakhstan boy dresses like girlfriend to write exam for her

A boyfriend scored extra points with his 17-year-old girlfriend by dressing up as her to take an end-of-year exam in her place. Ayan Zhademov, 20, of Kazakhstan, was desperate to help his girlfriend when she told him how worried she was about an upcoming exam. Read more


Tears of joy as woman reunites with lost sister!

War is a terrible thing. It destroys, divides and separates families. Sometimes, war wipes out everything. War is not good!

Since after the second world war, Jennifer An had never set her eyes on her half-sister An Luoxi until now. Their family was ripped apart by the second World War. They spent their entire lives living separately in India and China, having no knowledge of the other person's whereabouts. Read more


Woman reunites with daughter she thought had died 49 years ago after birth!

After nearly 50 years, a St. Louis woman has been reunited with a daughter she had been told had died just after the hospital delivery. 

A maternity nurse broke the sad news to Zella Jackson Price, 76, just hours after she gave birth to daughter Diane on Nov. 25, 1965. Read more

The Power Of Love

My wife got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children. She has lost 30 pounds and weighted about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs. She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the morning and got tired very quickly during the day. Read more



It’s no secret that love is a powerful force. It causes us to do and say things we’d never expect of ourselves. And though we live in a society that is hyper concerned with the way people look, love has the power to make you overlook physical imperfections and see a person for who they are inside. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook followers if they’ve ever fallen in love with a man they initially found unattractive and whether or not they thought they were capable of doing so. See what they had to say. Read more

Reunited with first love - The life story of a man who married his first love after 51 years

The love story began at a Cork oil refinery. Jimmy took a quick look at the shy blue-eyed girl in the canteen. That was the beginning of endless love which no human was able to stop despite rough path. Mary Kelligar was     sweet 16, he was 18 and they began courting after falling for each other in the works canteen. Read more                 

Unfailing Love

It all started like a joke. Jerry and Jessica did not know
it was the beginning of love without end! Jessica was a
pretty girl from a wealthy family who met Jerry, a poor
boy with a part time job as a cleaner in a restaurant.
Jerry was living from hand to mouth because his
take-home-pay hardy takes anybody home. Read more


A terrifying tightrope wedding: Rule no.1 – Don’t look down!

What will you do if your Fiancé asks for a tightrope wedding, or nothing else?

It is true that many people have wedding jitters long before the D-Day, but 25 year old Phoebe has more reason to be extremely nervous. She is faced with a terrifying tightrope wedding that takes place high in the air on a piece of dangling rope with 37 year old Chris, May 1st Read more

Teenage girl who underwent plastic surgery to win back ex-boyfriend

If there is anything to be done to win back an ex boyfriend, 15 year old Lee Hee from China is ready. Recently, according to sources, she underwent extensive plastic surgery just to win back ex-boyfriend. People who saw her said she is too beautiful to look at. They describe her as a snake spirit (one of the most popular folk legends in China). Lee Hee is now an internet celebrity through plastic surgery. Read more 

5 Things Long-Lasting Couples Do Differently

The couple that plays together stays together? The couple that prays together stays together? When asked what keeps their relationship loving and lasting, there are many things that couples swear by. The same thing might not work for every couple, but we can say with confidence that spending quality time together is the key to staying committed and connectedRead more

Why I Took My Wife's Last Name

I met Selina Boxer from Vancouver, Canada when we were counselors at Camp Ramah in Ojai, California (she also taught the aerobics classes there.) We were 18 years old. When I first met her, I said to myself (and thankfully NOT to her) "She is the one!" I will admit for a hormone-laden teenage male to have such insight is rare, almost an oxymoron. It would be like Judge Reinhold's character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High having an epiphany that his desire for Phoebe Cates' character was for holy matrimony, not otherwise (gotta love that pool-bathroom scene, "Doesn't anyone knock anymore!"More 


Tears of love! Woman wedded man due to die in 10 days

Behind any couple's wedding day there are countless emotions telling their story. But Caroline Benson's beautiful wedding photos tell a story that's arguably more emotional than most.

Caroline and her partner Pete Luscombe, from South Wales, took just five days to plan their wedding. Ten days later, Pete passed away. More

Love story of William and Lillian who died within minutes of each other after 73 years of marriage

When the subject of death came up, Lillian Karr Wilson would say, "I'm not going till Bill goes." Her words came true Tuesday, when she died at a Lexington nursing home minutes after her husband of 73 years, William "Wild Bill" Wilson, died at Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore.Read more

Teen marriage in ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, people didn't marry because they were in love. Folks married to carry on the family bloodline and for economical or political reasons. Women were under the jurisdiction of their fathers, so young girls were often married off when they were between the ages of twelve and fourteen. Some young men married at the age of fourteen also. Read more

Emotional reunion! Ohio woman finds out co-worker is her birth mom

It was a very emotional moment for Sonya Mitchell-Clark  when she found out that the woman in her company , her co-worker, is actually her biological mother! Read more


Most scary wedding in Wales! Bride arrived wedding venue in a closed black coffin

If you must marry Jenny, she must arrive at the wedding venue in a coffin to marry you!

While many people drive to their wedding venues in beautiful cars and limousines, Jenny Buckleff from Wales decided to do something different. She lay inside coffin and was pulled to the venueRead more

Man arrested immediately after proposing to girlfriend who said yes!

A man from China who planned an elaborate marriage proposal for his girlfriend on a busy Chengdu intersection, China was arrested by police just moments after the girlfriend said yes.

Zhang Liang invited nearly 100 friends and family members to surprise his girlfriend. He knelt down before the crowd and popped the question on Chengdu's busy Xichun Road. Read more 

Meet the tallest man in India. Says he can’t find love because of his height

When it comes to love, the 32-year-old Dharmendra Singh from India believes he's getting the short end of the stick. Dharmendra  has good looks, a college degree and loving family and friends. He stands out in other ways, too. The 8-foot-1 Singh is India's tallest man.

 "In terms of marriage, the main problem is my height. It will be very difficult to find someone who is tall enough for me. I think it is impossible," he tells Barcroft TV. "So this is also the reason why I haven't had a girlfriend." Read more

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Teenage girl underwent plastic surgery to win back ex-boyfriend

Viral video shows man brutally beating wife to death for cheating on him!

I fell for an ugly man!


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