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Kissing competition in China

Every year, several Chinese couples take part in kissing competition.

Each pair has a minute in which to show off their most ostentatious kissing positions, switching from pose to pose within the time frame. 

Some choose to lift their partners into the air, while others jump onto their partners backs.

A number of pairs make use of the floor space in order to strike a pose while having a snog. 


In 2012, 50 young couples participated in the kissing competition in Hefei of Anhui province, with some fainting on the spot from fatigue.

In the end, a young couple who kissed continuously for 2 hours and 43 minutes won the 1 carat diamond ring worth 50,000 yuan provided by the event’s organizers.


As shown in the photo above, a female contestant who fainted from fatigue was picked up and urgently taken to the hospital by her boyfriend.


Participant couple in a creative kissing position.

Whether it's the upside-down kiss in Spiderman or that kiss in The Notebook, there are iconic smooches that are impossible to forget.


A pair of lovers showing a creative kissing position.


A tired female contestant who fainted in her boyfriend’s arms.



A city resident passing by the kissing competition with a child.

Taking inspiration from Hollywood stars, couples battled it out to create unforgettable kisses of their own in a wacky annual competition.


In this year’s kissing competition held on August 23rd 2015,  a  total of 20 couples signed up to show their love for one another by making out in uncomfortable positions while a crowd of people eagerly takes photos. It was held at Chongqing, China.


The winning couple managed to keep their lips locked through seven different excruciating positions and 56 grueling minutes.


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