Chinese man collapses upon hearing that daughter said yes to marriage proposal by a Japanese

A Chinese father in east China's Shanghai reportedly burst into tears and collapsed on the floor in a jewelry store after hearing that his daughter said YES to a marriage proposal by a Japanese man. Read on...

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A Japanese man, NagaO flew to Shanghai, China to ask his Chinese girlfriend, a native of Shanghai to marry him. The two lovers  had reportedly met when the young woman was studying abroad in Japan. Unfortunately, the girl’s father was not pleased with his daughter marrying a Japanese man.

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He picked on NagaO’s physical appearances, saying that his legs were too short and teeth not tidy and that he looked like a liar at the first glance. To scare the young man away from marrying his daughter, the Chinese man unreasonably demanded that NagaO must stay in Shanghai if he marries his daughter, and not go back to Japan in five years.


Against his expectations, the Japanese guy accepted all the demands and was determined to marry the man’s daughter. The Chinese man kept quiet, obviously thinking about  another demand he can bring up to end the love affair and get rid of the man from Japan


Unfortunately, thinking the marriage was approved by his girlfriend’s father, NagaO, the Japanese man brought the girl to a jewelry store for the diamond ring, where he got down on one knee and asked will you marry me sweetheart? Without wasting time, the Japanese girl said YES!

Upon hearing the news, the girl’s parents rushed to the store immediately only to find rose pedals all over the ground after the romantic proposal. It appeared as if heaven fell down! The girl’s father immediately collapsed on the floor, complaining to the shop assistants: “Why would you sell rings to the Japanese?”

Onlookers consoled the father that the Japanese man looked good and the couple seemed very devoted to each other. He responded angrily: “Don’t be tricked! There’s no Chinese guy in the world now?”

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Half an hour later, the daughter came and picked up her parents. She said she came to know NagaO when she was studying in Japan and thought their relationship would end after she returned to China. However, his perseverance had touched her.



“He’s not just a Japanese guy. He’s the man who would warm my bed and buy sanitary towels for me,” the girl said.
Source: Sina

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