Girl strips naked in public to fight boyfriend who refused to buy iPhone 6 for her

Nowadays, many relationships entail not just true love and happiness, but also periods of complete madness and distrust. There are growing misunderstandings among couples which are sometimes caused by materialism, jealousy and boredom.

No doubt, lovers can argue and fight over pretty things which may seem normal. Some of us are familiar with that feeling somehow. That feeling of desperation and hopelessness whenever the person we love just can’t seem to understand us. It can really be frustrating because, of all people, we want our partners to understand, love and accept us when no one else cares!

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Image Source

Yes, love can make us think and do crazy things! But, how about stripping naked in public? Would you go to the extreme to do what this girl did, stripping naked in public just because you want to make your partner understand your point?

Since Apple introduced iphone 6, a lot has been happening among couples and lovers.

Funny, the girl on this photo from Nanjing, China stripped naked in public just because his lover refused to buy the newly released iPhone 6 for her!

Image Source

Image Source

In the shocking video below, the girl created a commotion in a public street, fighting her boyfriend. As the girl pours her heart out to her partner, she also starts to undress until she was completely naked. How embarrassing for both of them! This is madness!

The passers-by obviously received the shock of their lives. You can see it on their faces on the video. Nonetheless, the woman continues to strip down in front of everyone, rambling on and on to her boyfriend. As for the boyfriend, he made no effort to cover his girl.

What do you readers say about this? Please share your comments!

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