Wife of America’s lowest paid governor takes up job as a waitress in a restaurant

The wife of America’s lowest paid governor, Ann LePage, has taken up a job as a waitress in a restaurant. She is now saving up to buy a Toyota car. She took up a job at McSeagull's restaurant, Thursday, June 23, 2016, in Boothbay Harbor. The restaurant is near her and husband's Boothbay home, AP reports

The governor’s wife can be seen on the photo taking orders from customers. It was Ann LePage's first double shift at McSeagull's, a bustling restaurant touting double-wrapped bacon scallops and views of Boothbay Harbor.

The wife of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage had kept a low profile for the first few weeks of her summer job. But then her husband told a crowd at a recent town hall that his wife took a job to "supplement" his $70,000 salary, the lowest of any U.S. governor.

The LePages live with their dog, a Jack Russell terrier mix named Veto, in the Augusta governor's mansion and bought a $215,000 Boothbay home two years ago. The governor recently tried but failed to increase his successor's salary to $150,000, above the nearly $135,000 average for all 50 state governors in 2015.

Ann LePage said being a waitress is "something I've always, always wanted to do."

Her daughter Lauren made $28 an hour last summer at McSeagull's. LePage said she spent years taking care of her mother, who long suffered from scleroderma and passed away in October.

Now it's time to follow through on her interest, LePage said, adding: "I know she'd be proud of me."

Wearing a black McSeagull's T-shirt and sneakers with pink shoelaces, LePage greeted customers with an easy: "Hey, how are you?"

LePage, who's saving up for a Toyota RAV4, works three days a week, and is asking for more shifts.

"Because of who I am and who I'm married to, I want to work extra hard just so I can show them I can do the job," she said.

About Governor LePage

Paul Richard LePage has served as the 74th Governor of Maine since 2011. LePage grew up on the streets of Lewiston after leaving a poor home environment at the age of 11. fter some initial difficulty entering college due to speaking French as his first language, he succeeded in obtaining a college degree from Husson College. He served as general manager of the 14-store discount chain Marden's Surplus and Salvage from 1996 through 2011. Politically, he served as a city councilor in Waterville, Maine, for two terms before serving as Mayor of Waterville (2003–11).

LePage was elected governor of Maine with a plurality in a five-candidate race in 2010 and was re-elected with a stronger plurality in a three-candidate election in 2014. 
Sources: AP, Wikipedia

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