New breed of ‘piranha women’ prey on rich men to get pregnant for them.


Gold diggers on the rise!

THERE are plenty of fish in the sea – but wealthy men should watch out for the Piranha.


Wealthy men are being tricked into bed by single women who deliberately get pregnant because they view a baby as a career option, a top lawyer warned.

Pregnant woman


These predators – namely man-eating women intent on securing a cushy lifestyle – have been dubbed piranhas.

It is a term that has been borrowed by lawyer Diane Benussi to describe women who flaunt themselves in the hope of snapping up a high-flying gentleman, whether he is married or not.


Beware their bite ... piranha

 Beware of their bite....piranha
She said piranhas, which she described as a ‘flesh-eating, man-eating creature’, ‘want a high-earning, high-flying, high-virility man’.


They can attack at any time, whether it is in the workplace or at a bar in a posh hotel. ‘They know exactly where to find their targets’, she said.

‘Middle-aged men who are boring, with a receding hairline, bulging waist line and of course, a fat wallet, are approached by younger, beautiful women.

‘They get suckered in and don’t see it coming,’ said Mrs Benussi.


Using her charms ... the Piranha soon falls pregnant with an older man's childUsing her charms ... the Piranha soon falls pregnant with an older man's child


Soaring numbers of men are being forced to part with their money once they have been ensnared in this way by pretty young females.

They are seen as easy prey by devious women who have no desire to work and equate a baby to a trophy and a meal ticket to a gourmet life for the next 18 to 21 years of child support!

Rise of the 'piranhas': Increasing numbers of women are shying away from work and marriage in the hope of snapping up a high-flying gentleman


The single woman will fall pregnant and exploit her target through a legal loophole which could result in her landing a house, suitably furnished, a car and nursery, school and university fees.

They can also obtain a monthly allowance for their child and money for holidays.

Whether the Piranha marries or drops their target, the result is the same — financial security.

Career girl Louisa Mason, 24, is proud to be part of the Piranha phenomenon, according to Thesun.

She said: “My aim is to be married in the next two years to a very rich man.

'Rich men are very easy. I have been doing this since I was about 17' ... Louisa wants to marryRich men are very easy. I have been doing this since I was about 17' ... Louisa


The easiest way to do this is to get pregnant — and then I know that he will marry me.

“Rich men are very easy to target. I have been doing this since I was about 17.

“I want the nice things in life — and when I have children I have no intention of working.


However, some women have miscalculated in this manner, according to Judiciaryreport. They meet a guy who is becoming famous and potentially rich or who is there already, they start having sex with him, get pregnant quickly to get some of his money via monthly child support checks, only to lose their figure during pregnancy and another chick moves in on her territory, becoming engaged and marrying him.




The gold digger that marries him is entitled to half of everything he has under the law and lives with him in the mansion and has access to his money and cars. While the gold digger who got knocked up, gets a monthly child support check that is small by comparison to what the wife has access to and is entitled to as his spouse. Regardless, no one should be scheming and trying to trap someone into a relationship and marriage via pregnancy. It causes resentment and backfires.

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Wise words.
From my own experience of such a woman, permit me to enter a plea for the innocent child in all this.
The damage done to the child of a piranha women can be massive.
The child can be brought up by a mother who never really wanted him/her, and is a ruthless fortune-hunter.
The child may be deprived of its father, and may be farmed out to a succession of carers by the mother, at the father's expense, while she goes seeking more money.
Because of the piranha woman's own childhood traumas, her child may suffer violence and neglect at her hands.
The father may try to help his child, and may find the courts support the mother despite his best efforts.
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Piranhas can be dangerous
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True, everyone should watch out for the piranhas
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Nice story
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I'll watch out for Gold diggers :)

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