Heartbreaking pictures show kids who must climb dangerous ladder on a vertical cliff to go to school!

Scary experience!

Heart-breaking pictures have emerged showing kids, the youngest of whom is just six, who must climb unsecured vine ladders on the side of a steep rock face to go home from school and back home.


The schoolchildren live in a so-called 'cliff village', which is situated on the top of a 2,624-foot-tall peak in south-west China, and their school is at the foot of the mountain, reports Huanqiu affiliated with the People's Daily Online. Their village is completely cut off from the outside world


Every day the 15 children that live at Atule'er Village in southernmost Sichuan must climb up and down a set up 17 ladders placed against an 800 meter tall cliff in order to go to school.

In the past, eight people have fallen off these terrifying ladders and died, yet these kids are forced to risk their lives twice a day for the sake of their education.

The set of pictures were taken on May 14 as 15, 2016. The children spent two hours climbing 17 cliff ladders at the county of Zhaojue County in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. 

These pupils, who aged between six and 15, were seen carrying heavy bags and supervised by three parents.

The village is so remote that only 72 families live there, most of whom make a living by growing chillies. 

Once the they arrive at the Le'er Primary School, the children stay there for two weeks before making the treacherous journey back down the mountain to visit their families. 

Every time they come down or go up the mountain, their parents take it in turns to pick them up. 

For the parents who are used to the journey, it takes them an hour to go down the cliff and an hour and a half to go up.  

However, for the young pupils, they need around two hours to scale the cliffs with the help of dangerous ladders. 

Chen told the reporter he had to get up at 6am that morning in order to descend the peak to pick up his four daughters and one son, as well as other children.

His son, named Chen Muhei, is six years old and is the youngest of his five children.

The father used rope and tied a knot around his son's backpacks to ensure his safety.

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Sources: Dailymail; Shanghaiist


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