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the furniture

Posted by: happywork on 1/8/2019 6:53 PM

<p>Blockboard Blockboard is also the big core board that is often said. The material is made of two veneers by adhesive bonding. Because the vertical bending resistance is poor, and the lateral [url=]trex deck thickness[/url] bending resistance is higher. The main material of particleboard particleboard is wood scrap, which is pressed into the glue additive. Particleboard is divided into two types: extrusion and flat pressing. These plates are the cheapest and have lower strength. MDF MDF is commonly[url=]affordable a 100 foot wood privacy fence cost hope island[/url] known as fiberboard.</p><p> The raw material is made of wood fiber and added with an adhesive such as urea-formaldehyde resin. The density is divided into three types: high, medium and low. Its texture is soft and impact resistant, and its remanufacturing [url=]screen deck trim details for garages[/url] ability is strong. Foreign imported MDF is a high-quality material for furniture production, and the domestic standard is low. Therefore, the use rate of MDF is relatively low in China. The main material of fireproof board is siliceous or calcium material, adding fiber material, A decorative material such as a lightweight aggregate and other chemical additives that are pressed by high pressure technology. The main function of the material is fire [url=]fabric shade cover for wooden pergola[/url] protection, so this kind of material has higher requirements for sticking glue, so the price is also more expensive.</p>

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