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the decoration materials

Posted by: happywork on 12/13/2018 7:23 PM

<p>The renovated owners know that the board is one of the decoration materials with the most formaldehyde content. When decorating, try to buy the sheet with less formaldehyde. What is e0 grade board and e1 grade board? Actually, the grade of the board refers to the amount of formaldehyde contained in the finished board; although the higher the level, the less [url=]eco friendly wpc kitchen wall panels[/url] the amount of formaldehyde is contained, but the quantity should be paid attention to when using it. Unlimited use, because the space of the house is fixed, and the superposition of the quantity will make the environmental protection exceed the standard.</p><p> In addition, since the e0 grade sheet itself does not contain a binder and a moisture-proof agent, its relative moisture resistance and toughness are also lowered, so it is not [url=]outdoor teak flooring sweden[/url] suitable for use in a humid environment such as a kitchen or a bathroom.</p><p> According to the national environmental protection regulations, the environmental protection grade of the indoor board must reach the E1 level to achieve the standard, which means that it is safe and environmentally friendly, so it will not cause harm to the human body. While recognizing the quality of the board, attention should be paid to the [url=]deck manufacturer cheap price norway[/url] amount of formaldehyde released from the board used in the furniture.</p>

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