Woman taking first ever flight opens emergency door thinking it’s toilet!

Chinese travelers have been causing quite a commotion in the aviation world recently

open_plane_door4.jpgA 50-year-old woman fed up with long line at the toilet inside Plane went looking for another toilet and ended up opening the cabin door, the emergency slide deployed! This created commotion inside plane. Luckily, it happened as the plane was about to take. Her action delayed the flight for several hours!

According to Ming Pao, the incident happened on China Southern Airlines flight CZ3456 from Chongqing to Shenzhen.

Just as the aircraft had finished boarding and was making preparations for take-off, passengers heard a loud hissing sound and noticed that the evacuation slide had been deployed, causing a commotion aboard the plane.

The crew quickly realized that one of the passengers, a woman who was taking her first ever flight, had attempted to open the emergency exit and caused the slide to inflate. Everyone was then taken off the plane and made to wait for over two hours while the airline worked to fix the problem.

Disgruntled passengers posted to Weibo expressing their bewilderment at the turn of events. The text in the post above reads: "Southern Airlines 3/25 flight CZ3456 from Chongqing to Shenzhen, we'd just finished boarding. A passenger wanted to use the toilet but opened the cabin door, the emergency slide deployed, we still haven't taken off and were removed from the plane."

Following the incident, the woman's boarding pass and passport were confiscated by cabin crew. Later, instead of taking off, she was taken away by police for investigation.

According to Shanghaiist, China has been hit by a wave of passengers opening emergency exits for rather trivial reasons over the past few years. Last month one passenger did it because he wanted some fresh air, and another in 2014 did it because he was in a hurry to disembark

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