Woman arrested for attacking hubby who wouldn't stop farting

A Florida woman was arrested in December for allegedly attacking her gassy husband, who couldn’t stop farting in bed according to source

55-year-old Dawn Meikle of the 500 block of Southwest Sadwick Avenue in Port St. Lucie was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge for kicking and elbowing her husband as he let off a symphony of flatulence, according to First Coast News.


The feud happened around 3.20am on December 11, 2015  when Meikle began elbowing her husband on the arm to make him stop farting.

Dawn Meikle

Despite the warnings, her husband continued to toot his own horn. Meikle then started to kick him before forcing him to leave the bed, police reports said.

"Meikle's husband stated he continued to pass gas, at which time Dawn began kicking him and eventually kicked him out of their bed," an affidavit states

Once her husband returned to bed, he let off another ripple between the sheets, resulting in another round of furious elbows and kicks.

By the time police arrived, Meikle’s lip was split while she was being restrained by her husband.

According to Off the Beat, the husband said he got back in bed and again fluttered the sheets. That, he said, is when his wife began another round of elbowing and kicking.


He said he restrained his wife “for his own safety.” He said that during this his wife’s lip got split open, and he got several scratches on his chest.

Meanwhile, Meikle told police she asked her husband repeatedly to stop cutting the cheese in bed.


According to police, Meikle’s husband suffered several scratches across his chest, resulting in torn shirt.

Meikle told police that she started attacking her husband after her pleas for him to stop farting in bed didn’t work.

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