Australian man who divorced 3 times has finally settled down with a Barbie doll

A man who divorced three times has finally found love with a doll with whom he shares a deep emotional connection, mirror reports

Murray, from Queensland in Australia, purchased the 6ft doll years ago and named her Noni.



She's made of plastic, and of course cannot talk - but that doesn't stop Murray from feeling that he has a profound relationship with the doll.

"A doll can do many things a real woman cannot do. There is an emotional connection that cannot be easily explained", Murray said

Speaking to ABC, he said: "If one had a complete choice you would rather have a real woman but that's not always available to people. "After my divorce I was very....

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"After my divorce I was very unhappy. I was very depressed; I was close to suicidal.



"Loneliness was encroaching quite significantly and I thought well this maybe is a way out."

He first purchased a doll in 2008, but has now settled down with Noni as his one-and-only.

And he feels the doll helps him tackle loneliness, as well as enjoying a physical relationship with it.

"If I come home from shopping," he said, "she's here, in the house. Thank God the house isn't empty."


He added: "It doesn't even feel silent. You talk to them. You are talking through your issues, your life, your highs, your lows, your joys, your sadnesses. Whatever. It just helps."

Murray also went into detail about his sexual relationship with the doll.

He said: "Depending on what wig the doll will put on, depending on what clothes she's wearing, depending on what perfume, what mood she's in, will depend on the type of sex we have.

"It'll be totally different one day she'll be into BDSM, another it'll be: 'Hold me close and cuddle'."
Source: Mirror

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