Most Dangerous Countries to Visit


South Africa

There has been repeated xenophobic attacks in South Africa. According to some, the xenophobic attacks are part of unresolved issues and a past that South Africans are struggling to forget.

More than 5 ,000 people were displaced after deadly violence against foreign nationals erupted on March 30 in the country's coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal, whose capital is Durban.

Attacks soon spread to the country's financial hub, Johannesburg, in Gauteng province.

At least eight people were killed by machete-wielding mobs also armed with bricks and sticks who roamed the streets attacking anyone thought to be non-South African. Some victims were beaten and set ablaze.

Hundreds have fled to the relative safety of camps on the outskirts of Durban, a city of about 3.5 million people. South Africa is certainly, a dangerous place to visit right now




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The travel and tourism industry is at the forefront of American industries. states that the overall economic output is approximately 2.1 trillion! With both international and domestic traveling being so common, it is vital that tourists are aware of which countries they need to either avoid, or take caution in while visiting.

Many countries are currently facing political upset, or a high rate of violence, and it isn’t unusual for tourists to become prime targets. The Department of State updates travel warnings on a frequent basis in order to alert tourists of the dangers at hand, so that they are able to take necessary precaution.

Honduras photo

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Not only is there a risk of Malaria in Honduras, but this country is often deemed as the most deadliest. The Department of State issued a warning regarding the high levels of violent crimes, and that tourists should be on high-alert. Honduras does not currently have the adequate level of government resources to tackle it’s high crime rate head-on, which is why the crime rates are so high in nature.

Although the past 2 years have shown some promise for Honduras, tourists still need to take the warning into great consideration. The Honduras government is addressing the issue, and working on it profusely, but the risk of becoming a victim while traveling is still very prevalent.



Terrorism threats are currently a concern when traveling to Egypt, and tourists often can become targets. There is a threat of kidnapping, especially in desert-like areas. It is advised for visitors to take these threats into consideration before making any permanent travel plans.

The current threats tourists face in Egypt are saddening due to how friendly and inviting Egyptian locals tend to be to tourists. Hopefully in due time, the threats of traveling to Egypt will diminish, and there will be no need to worry about bombings and tear gas attacks.


Many view Somalia as the most dangerous country across the globe. Violence continues to be an ongoing issue, as Somalian tribes fight to gain power over one another. This puts tourists at a high risk for becoming victimized by violence, and extreme precaution should be taken while traveling.

Somalia is still considered a war-zone, and many extremists remain anti-American, so U.S. visitors are even more prone to dangerous encounters. Authorities are said to have very little empathy for both citizens and outsiders, so this makes it even more of a threat.


The Nigerian government is known to often be corrupt in nature, which is dangerous for tourists in the event that they face victimization. Nigeria is known for having a prominent level of gang activity, as well as theft issues and scams.

Nigeria is divided into both Muslim and Christian communities, and battles often ignite due to their religious differences. If tourists were caught in the middle of one of these disagreements, the outcome could be harmful, or even deadly. Nigeria is also said to have a threat of pirates, so water travel is often a risky activity.

Libya photo

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Libya is currently home to a lot of political disagreements that often lead to violence. Many anti-American extremist groups are also present here, putting U.S. travelers at a huge risk for violence and kidnapping. The warning for tourism in Libya is so severe, that those presently visiting the country at this current time are being urged by officials to evacuate.

Not only is violence a serious concern for travelers frequenting Libya, but methods of transportation are often shut down without any warning. Whether it be roads, waterways, or airports, it is not uncommon for them to be closed without ample notice.

Syria photo

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War crimes are common in Syria, and have been sporadically happening since the year of 2011. The death toll is reportedly at 190,000. The country is currently facing high levels of poverty, and there is a food and water shortage going on.

Christians are at risk of being a target for terrorist attacks, so tourist should take extreme caution. It is recommended to stay out of Syria entirely, but if you have to travel, be sure to follow every safety precaution that the Department of State advises.


Most tourists are avoiding travel to Kenya currently, due to the high levels of violence. Bomb and grenade attacks are not uncommon lately, so it’s best to not make any travel plans if possible. Popular establishments are often the targets of these horrific attacks, so tourists would be at an increased risk.

Although Kenya offers many beautiful and scenic attractions, for now it is best to stay away. It is unclear as to which warnings will be present in the future, but tourists are still advised to keep away for the time being.


Chad is currently experiencing high levels of poverty and political upset, resulting in serious violence. Extreme terrorist threats should be a primary concern for tourists right now. Lack of medical resources is also a problem Chad is facing, so tourists may not receive adequate care if they become faced with injury or illness.

If tourists still choose to travel to Chad despite the current warnings, it is advised to create a proper evacuation plan. By having an adequate plan in place, tourists will be more apt to have an appropriate method of escape if necessary.

Israel photo

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U.S. tourists may be denied access to Israel if they are seen as a threat, due to all of the turmoil they are currently facing with terrorism. Though Israel is only noted as having a moderate level of crime, there is a moderate to severe threat for terrorism and theft.

When traveling in Israel, try to stay away from any large crowds that may be protesting or rioting, due to the fact that things can escalate fairly quickly. It is important to keep an eye out for heavily populated areas surrounded by soldiers, which is a good indication that a threat may be present.


Russia is now experiencing threats of violence, primarily near the Ukrainian border. It is suggested to avoid regions close to the border totally, especially when large crowds are present. These large numbers of residents often indicate a demonstration, which can lead to violence very rapidly. Street crime is also an important factor to be aware of when traveling to Russian territory.

While there are many threats surrounding certain areas in Russia, many still find it to be a safe place to visit. As long as one takes proper precaution and follows the advice of travel authorities, it is possible to experience a safe trip.

Whether you’re looking to book a trip to one of these countries due to a family visit or with an organized tourist group, it is important to take these concerns into consideration. Although it is advised to avoid many of these countries entirely for now, if you must visit, you can opt for a safer trip when following the proper guidelines.



15 Countries You Should Be Afraid To Visit Right Now                                                                                

You may want to get out there and travel the world, but there are a few countries that you should be a little leery of traveling to. The countries that made this list run rampant with government corruption, civil wars, and various crimes against humanity. Steer clear of these countries, or be VERY careful.


  • Colombia

  • Colombia's highly segregated society between the rich Spanish and the poor Colombian is to blame for this country's dangerous atmosphere. Violent crimes include various armed groups involved in drug trafficking, murder, and kidnapping.

  • Russia

  • Russia's considerably high crime rate ranks them as one of the world's most dangerous countries. Russian crimes include money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and murder for hire. In 2011, Russia was rated amongst the leaders in homicide by the United Nations.

  • Nigeria

  • Nigeria's unrest is said to be attributed to its corrupt government. Whatever the case, rape, human trafficking, child abuse, and discrimination based on ethnicity, sex, religion, and region, amongst other serious crimes, runs rampant here.

  • India

  • Though India ranks tenth as the world's most powerful economy, it also enjoys its share of crime, which classifies it as one of the world's most dangerous countries. Crimes in India include arms and drug trafficking, sex crimes, and corruption but is mostly known as one of the most dangerous countries for women.

  • Afghanistan

  • The ongoing war against Al-Queda ranks Afghanistan as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Since the year 2013, upwards of ten of thousands of people have been killed in war related acts.

  • Ethiopia

  • Criminal and political violence lands Ethiopia on the list of the world's most dangerous countries. Crimes here range from petty thefts to stabbings, beatings, and kidnappings of foreigners so be careful.

  • Lebanon

  • Syrian's civil war is to said to be the cause of Lebanon's unrest, in which Lebanese opponents and Syrian supporters have attacked each other on Lebanese soil. Crimes here include murder and kidnappings of foreigners across Lebanon.

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • Guinea-Bissau's history of political instability is said to be the cause of this country's unruliness. Since 1974, no elected president has successfully served a full five year term. Human trafficking and murder rank highest amongst the country's most common crimes.

  • Yemen

  • Riots and social unrest avail in Yemen, where a corrupt government is said to be the cause of extrajudicial executions, inhumane treatment, and torture. Freedom of religion, speech, and the press are restricted here, and homosexuality is punishable by death.

  • Iraq

  • Iraq's 9 year war is said to be the culprit behind this country's unrest, in which the current conflict is said to be based on the Islamic state trying to take over larger areas of the country.

  • Sudan

  • The recent split of the country is pretty evident of the unrest here. Rampant ethnic strife, along with several other civil conflicts, are to be blamed for Sudan's ranking. The major issues here include ethnic cleansing and slavery.

  • Central African Republic

  • After a long bout of peace, an eruption of fighting between government, Muslim, and Christian factions erupted that have resulted in ethnic and religious cleansing and massive population displacement. Needless to say, this is not the safest location in the world to vacation.

  • North Korea

  • Reported as the country with the worst human rights records in the world earns North Korea its ranking. The country is governed by the state, which has been accused of enforcing severe restrictions on freedom of speech and torture, death, executions, along with other questionable acts.

  • Syria

  • Syria's civil war is to blame for their ranking as one of the world's most dangerous countries. The war began with protests then escalated into a full-on armed rebellion after months of military sieges, in which President Bashar Al-Assad's forces responded with violent counterattacks. 110,000-200,000 lives have been lost as a result.

  • Mexico

  • Mexico is a major crime hub, most notable for its drug cartels responsible for the trafficking of cocaine, heroine, and marijuana between Latin America and the US. These forms of organized crime have been linked to a major source of other violent crimes throughout Mexico, especially in border cities.


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Wonderful write up there. Its informative. I believe tourist can be safe anywhere in the world provided they keep to the safety precautions of the vivited states. And some dare-devil tourist may not mind visiting those places with unrest. #Tourismislife
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And meanwhile, where is south africa on that list. I think the list needs to be updated ASAP.
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South Africa is included - on top!
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Don't put this type of ridiculous post , every where in the world bad people , don't boost that people and tell this country is like that.
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