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Coworkers turn out to be sisters

Holly O'Brien was just 5 years old when her father died and was later sent to an orphanage. Thereafter, she was adopted by an American couple.


Holly, however never forgot that she had a little sister, two years younger, who was taken by her step-mom. She had always prayed to find her younger sister all of her life.


Earlier in 2015, Holly O'Brien got a job as a nursing assistant. While at work, she became friends with one of her coworkers, Meagan Hughes, who was also a nursing assistant. Both friends clicked so well that O'Brien began thinking of 40 years ago in South Korea. Shocking! Little did Holly know that Meagan is actually her younger sister she had been praying to find all her life! Both did not know that they’re actually sisters.

"Not to be biased, but I saw me in her and that's why we clicked so well," said Hughes.


O'Brien also knew there was something about Hughes that seemed familiar.

"There was something in her face, her smile, that looked like my father," she continued.

How it happened

When they started comparing their passports, they discovered that Hughes ended up at the same orphanage, and that they had the same Korean last name -- Shin.


O'Brien didn't want to get her hopes up. Maybe they were distant cousins. To think that sisters separated four decades earlier could end up in the same place half a world away was against all odds.
Source: Foxla

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