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Colombian model faces death penalty in China for drug smuggling

A Colombian model, Juliana Lopez is facing death penalty in China after being arrested for smuggling drugs in her laptop across the border.

22-year-old Juliana Lopez from Colombia was arrested for smuggling drugs at Guangzhou Airport in south China's Guangzhou Province, on July 18, 2015.

File photo of Juliana Lopez. [File Photo: Xinhua]

File photo of Juliana Lopez. [File Photo: Xinhua] 

According to CRI, the model and beauty pageant contestant, Lopez , went  to China in July to purchase stylish Chinese clothes, accessories and other souvenirs for a fashion store she owns back in Colombia.


File photo of Juliana Lopez. [File Photo: Xinhua]

Juliana Lopez seemed to have the world at her feet, running a trendy boutique and hosting a television show, as well as being a well-known professional football player.

And winning the Miss Antioquia beauty pageant, she was going to participate in the Miss World Medellin competition this week but her family suddenly lost contact with her while she was in China to purchase items for her shop.

Lopez's family contacted the Colombia Embassy in Beijing after losing contact with her and was notified that Lopez had been detained in China for drug trafficking.

Chinese officials confirmed to the family she had been arrested for drug smuggling. It was not specified what kind of narcotics were inside her laptop but police say they found a large quantity of a banned substance.

The family is now  trying to raise money and hire a lawyer to defend Lopez.

Family members and friends said they were surprised to learn the drug smuggling case. Back in Colombia, Lopez was a role model who plays soccer for a local football club  "The Football Divasis" and also works as a presenter at a local TV station.

Alejandro Duque is the coach of Divas del Futbol. He said: 'Juliana was the central point of the group, she spoke a lot with the press and she gave her face to the team.'

About the drug charges he added: 'She is a good girl, student, model, contestant of beauty contests, and she has always been an athlete.'

He said he had last seen her two weeks ago shortly before she traveled to China to buy shoes, clothes and other accessories.

Duque said: 'My heart tells me that she is not guilty, she is a fighter. She cannot be sentenced yet, I have hope that she is innocent and that everything can be sorted out.'

China's law stipulates severe punishments for smuggling drugs into the country. Xinhua News Agency cited Colombian media to say that roughly 90 percent of the 138 Colombians imprisoned in China right now have been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, the Colombian Foreign Ministry has provided legal assistance and support to Lopez and her family through her mother, Nubia Sarrazola.

A spokesman for the ministry said: 'We work to ensure the preservation of the rights of private individuals and the right to a proper defense and the presumption of innocence, as well as respect for due process and the preservation of her personal integrity and her health.'

But the Chinese police investigation could take between six months and two years and the amount of contact the model will be allowed with her family is likely to be limited.

Drug smuggling cases in China usually result in either the death sentence or a lengthy jail term, and defendants rarely get off.
Sources: Dailymail,,

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