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86-year-old man takes college entrance exam for 15th time!


If there is anything 86-year-old Xia Wang from China wants

right now, it is to pass his college

entrance exam and go to school. Xia, from China has

always dreamed of going to university and

has been sitting for China’s college entrance exam since

1954 and failing.

Wang Xia graduated from high school in 1949. His first attempt came in 1954. Although he didn't

pass, Wang refused to give up taking the Gaokao entrance exam. He sat for the exam three

more times in 1955, 1956 and 1960.

Subsequently, Chinese authorities placed limit on age requirements saying that one must be

under 25 and unmarried to sit for the exam. They got Xia Wang on this and he took a break.


In 2001 when China abolished the age limit for gaokao, the then-72-year-old Wang bounced

back and registered for the exam. He took it for 10 more times between 2001 and 2014 and

failed each time.


As long as he lives, Xia Wang remains determined to pass this exam and go to school. Now he

is 86 years old and can’t walk well, he sat for the exam again on Monday June 8th 2015.

We await the result to be published. Visit regularly to know the outcome of the



Wang Xia from Nanjing City in eastern China started sitting for the exam again in 2001 when

authorities abolished the upper age limit.



Despite having failed every time, Mr Wang says he has 'prepared thoroughly' and hopes for

better luck this year, reported the People's Daily Online


He sat the Gaokao, China's notoriously difficult college entrance exam, for the 15th time on

Monday June 8th 2015 



Wang Xia graduated from high school in 1949. His first attempt came in 1954. Although

he didn't pass, Wang refused to give up and sat the test another three times in 1955, 1956 and



After four attempts at the exam, Wang seemingly decided to throw in the towel and carried on

with his career as a pharmacist. In the meantime, the Cultural Revolution was launched, and

universities stopped enrolling students by exam from 1966 to 1976. The gaokao was reinstated

in 1977, but it was required that test-takers be “unmarried, aged under 25”.

China abolished the age limit for gaokao in 2001, and the then-72-year-old Wang decided to

once again try his luck in the tough exam.


After failing the exam in 2002, his spirit of perseverance and determination to obtain a college

degree drew attention from Chinese media. That year, Nanjing Medical University offered him a chance to

spend five years studying at the university, but as he didn't enroll in the school in the first place,

he couldn't get a diploma.


He told reporters that he has been working as a pharmacist for almost 40 years, but so badly

desires a real diploma to prove his medical skills.

With the help of a police officer, a volunteer and a crutch,
Wang walks out of the exam room and heads home

"I have prepared very well for the 2015 gaokao," Wang said with confidence about his 15th exam.


Last December, a 73-year-old man reportedly sat the postgraduate entrance exam in Haining,

Zhejiang province—over 40 years since he'd first entered university.


85-gaokao-8.jpgPictures of him arriving at the examination hall on Sunday morning have inspired people across the country. 

He had to be helped by a police officer and his driver into the examination hall due to his deteriorating mobility.  

Speaking before the exam, he said: 'I have prepared thoroughly this time. I am not nervous and will do my very best.'

When asked what subject he was hoping to study at university, he said: 'Let's wait until I pass this exam first.' 

During the 1950s and 1960s, he sat the entrance exams four times but failed to pass.

Although he practised medicine for four decades, he always believed that patients did not have the greatest confidence in his medical skills because he did not have a degree. 

In 2007, Nanjing Medical University awarded him an honorary degree but Mr Wang says he will not rest until he gets a proper degree. 

His family said that he should continue taking the exams if it made him happy. 

Sources: Shanghaiist, Dailymail


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