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Child beaten from 5, raped from 7 by her own dad

A 48-year-old man from Huddersfield, UK has been jailed for 16 years after a jury found him guilty of child cruelty, assault, two offences of rape and two of indecent assault.

According to source, he is not being identified to protect the victim.

Judge Geoffrey Marson said the evidence in the case was "chilling"

Judge Geoffrey Marson said the evidence in the case was "chilling"

Leeds Crown Court judge Geoffrey Marson QC (pictured above) said: "It was a gross abuse of trust for which you have shown not a shred of remorse.”

His victim was only five when her nightmare ordeal began at the hands of her dad.

“He stole my innocence” were the chilling words from the woman as her father was jailed for years of abuse.

Police and social workers must make allowance for "cultural context" when investigating allegations that children have been physically abused by parents, a High Court judge has suggested. Picture posed by models

Warped: The father was sentenced to 16 years behind bars (stock picture)

Initially he began by hitting her with a length of hosepipe but by the time she was seven the physical abuse included partially strangling her, putting her in a bath of cold water and on one occasion making her stand in the garage when she was hardly clothed.

Timothy Capstick prosecuting said on another occasion her father had sprayed deodorant into the little girl’s eyes and he would beat her on her bottom and the soles of her feet with a belt so no one could see her injuries.





The depraved dad was sentenced to 16 years

Sexual abuse began after he got into bed with her and indecently assaulted her. He raped her for the first time when she was about seven or eight and it happened again when she was a couple of years older.

She did not tell anyone at the time because she genuinely believed his threats that he would harm or kill her if she did.

Her parents had separated and she did not always live with him, eventually she spoke up when she was concerned for other children he was in contact with.

Mr Capstick said the girl was now an adult herself but described what her father had done to her as “changing my life forever. He stole my innocence, inside I was dying.”

She said she still suffered flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety attacks about her childhood.

Katherine Robinson representing the father said at the time of the offences he was only a young man. “He has now lost everything.”

Leeds Crown Court

Hearing: The twisted dad was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court

Jailing the father Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told him: “This was your child. She was entitled to look to you for care and affection. She was entitled to be able to trust you and to be comfortable in your company.”

“Unhappily the evidence in this case demonstrates the reality is you made her life then and since a complete misery.

“It was chilling to hear her evidence. It is apparent you have ruined her life. It was a gross abuse of trust for which you have shown not a shred of remorse.”

Source: Examiner

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