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Female university student caught having sex in a busy public street. 

Among other things, this is madness, lawlessness and public indecency!

A female student from mainland China pleaded guilty in court  after she and another student were caught on camera having sex in a busy Hong Kong street, Apple Daily reports.

It happened at around 4:00 a.m. on April 1. Both defendants were videotaped having sex near a bus stop on Fat Kong Street outside of the Polytechnic University dorms in Ho Man Tin. After the footage went viral a day later, police arrested the 19-year-old male, Yang Hao, who's also a mainland student. The 18-year-old woman, who turned herself in, was arrested on April 10 after she reportedly returned from vacation and saw the video online.


Female student filmed having sex in Hong Kong street pleads guilty

Ning Dang, 19, from Mongolia, had reportedly been celebrating his birthday at a bar close to university dorms in Hong Kong when he met the girl.

After downing shots into the early hours of the morning, the pair began walking home but only got halfway before they were filmed  having sex in public.

Captured on a mobile phone and uploaded anonymously online, the video shows the pair apparently at it for 45 minutes before they are stopped by police.

A police spokesman said: "They were both very drunk and when officers arrived they were both fully dressed, although when the woman stood up, her trousers, which had not been put on properly, fell down."


He added:"They were both giggling but as the officers hadn’t caught them doing anything wrong they were let off with a caution."

But the video showing the girl seemingly performing a sex act on Ning and him then on top of her was later put onto social media where it went viral.

The police spokesman said: "The man says he doesn’t know the girl’s name as he only met her that night.

"We are told that she is a mainland university student aged about 20.

Initially, both defendants pleaded not guilty to committing an act outraging public decency when they appeared at the Kowloon City Court on June 25th  2015. Two hours later, the accused woman, Wu Xinyi, returned to court to enter a guilty plea.


The case for Wu, who is currently on bail under conditions, was adjourned to July 8 for sentencing, pending a probation report and community service orders report.

Yang, who maintains his innocence, had his case suspended until August 13, when five defense witnesses will be summoned and two videos will be produced in front of the court. Yang is currently on bail under conditions.

A security guard from the Polytechnic University dorms claims to have seen both of the accused having sex and performing oral sex in the open, unmindful of pedestrians strolling by. The guard said he yelled at them to stop but was ignored.

The shameless lovebirds barely finished putting their clothes back on when police officers arrived at the scene. They were released at the time because officers did not see any illegal behavior.

The year-one student, Wu, who was studying Global Supply Chain Management, had no criminal record.

Source: Shanghaiist

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Latest update:

The 18-year-old female student who pleaded guilty in court was sentenced to one year of probation today July 8th 2015.

The woman, Wu Xinyi, was caught having sex with 19-year-old Yang Hao, also a mainland student, near a bus stop on Fat Kong Street outside the Polytechnic University dormitory in Ho Man Tin as discussed above.

At first, the two pleaded not guilty, but Wu later returned to court to enter a guilty plea. Defense counsel Caesar Lo Chi-lam said Wu had a good background and performed well in her academic studies. Lo explained that what happened with Wu was an isolated incident, and that she was intoxicated at the time, which could have influenced her judgement. Lo added that Wu expressed regret for her actions and offered to apologize to anyone who was affected by the pair's sexy antics.

According to Hong Kong news reports, Yang had pleaded not guilty, and will be facing another trial on August 13. Five witnesses and two more video recordings of the incident will be summoned.

Sounds like it would've been less mortifying if he'd just pleaded guilty.

Source: Shanghaiist

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