Most scary wedding in Wales: Bride arrived wedding venue in a closed black coffin!

If you must marry Jenny, she must arrive at the wedding venue in a coffin to marry you!

While many people drive to their wedding venues in beautiful cars and limousines, Jenny Buckleff from Wales decided to do something different. She lay inside coffin and was pulled to the venue.

Hundreds of visitors who gathered at a wedding venue in Wales received the shock of their lives when the long awaited bride arrived in a closed coffin.

A coffin was Jenny Buckleff's vehicle of choice to transport her to meet her groom on her wedding


She was driven to Llangefni register office by her sister-in-law, Hayley Buckleff, who pulled the

coffin behind a VW Trike.

She lay in the black coffin with the lid closed as she was pulled along by a motorcycle in honour of her brother – a motorcycle enthusiast. 

But Jenny Buckleff isn't dead - she just wanted to be "different" on her big day.

It was a happy day for her to marry 51-year-old Christopher Lockett from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs


The 58-year-old corpse bride, Jenny, who works for Bet365 in customer service, said: "I just wanted to do something a little bit different!

"I almost didn't tell Chris but in the end I spilled the beans about three weeks before.

"He was a bit surprised but he said as long as I was happy he would go with the flow.

"What more could I ask for from a new husband?!" 

Jenny, a former funeral parlor and qualified embalmer, wanted to bring the wedding to where her

brother lives in

Wales as he suffered a heart attack last year and was too ill to travel.

She added: "My brother is different. He's covered in tattoos. They are on his face, and everywhere.

He looked the part."

"I don't normally dress like this. I work for Bet365, so you have to be well presented."

The wedding coffin - A wannabe corpse bride shocked guests when she turned up at her own wedding in a COFFINJenny said: "It's definitely different. Instead of turning up in a horse-drawn cart, I thought I'm going to turn up in a coffin."The groom was a little shocked when I told him my plans, but he just went with the flow."The best man didn't know until the day. A lot of people didn't know." The couple decided to marry in Wales near to where Roger lives as he suffered a heart attack last year and was too ill to travel. She added: "I don't normally dress like this and I'm not a goth at all. "I work for Bet365, so you have to be well presented and I'm normally very smart.

"But my brother is different. He's covered in tattoos so for once he looked the part."

Although the pair gave lots of wedding guests a shock, they said they were pleased to have had such a talking point at the nuptials.

The wedding coffin - A wannabe corpse bride shocked guests when she turned up at her own wedding in a COFFIN
In love: Jenny and Christopher Lockett

Jenny added: "My brother and I are very close so it was nice to be able to do something to honour him and do something a bit different.

"He loved it and said it made his day."

The couple met just six months ago and he proposed one month later in their local pub, the Horn and Trumpet.

Lorry driver Christopher, aged 51, said: "She kept it from me for a bit, but then it slipped out. It was different, but if that's what she wants to do then that's fine.

"When we first met in The Victoria on the Square in Hanley, I gave her my number. But I was so drunk, I gave her the wrong number and kept going back to the pub week after week, waiting for her to come back in.

"It was maybe four or five weeks until we met again and it went from there. It was love at first sight. I proposed around Christmas. I was out shopping for presents when I saw a jeweller's and I thought, 'why not?' It wasn't planned."

The wedding coffin - A wannabe corpse bride shocked guests when she turned up at her own wedding in a COFFIN
Bizarre: The coffin being wheeled away

The couple have five children from previous marriages. They were all there, alongside Christopher's ex-wife, to watch them get married on Saturday.

Jenny's daughter, Jade Meads, aged 27, said: "The coffin was a bit strange, but my mum is never normal. I thought she was joking at first."

The bride's brother, Roger, was hoping to ride the trike, yet Hayley, aged 46, took on the responsibility due to his ill health.

Hayley said: "My husband has always been interested in skulls and skeletons. The house is full of ornaments like that, and he's covered head to toe in tattoos.

"The coffin was bought as a present, so he turned it into a trailer.

"When we go away on bike rides, we use it to put all our camping gear in. We get an awful lot of looks when we go out with it. It's unique."
Sources: Mirror, arabiawedding

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