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Man crying for days eating no food, vomiting and defecating after girlfriend broke up with him!

Please discuss together and resolve your differences, breaking up can be very heartbreaking and deadly. A Young man is struggling badly to accept his new relationship status after girlfriend dumped him.


Tears: Breaking up is never easy, but this man really, REALLY struggled to cope

In a very lengthy and weird post, he shared his tears and emotions, crying, vomiting and defecating. What happened? He received a text message from his girlfriend saying that it’s all over with them.

Posting under the username Moggle party in a social networking site, Reddit, the man started a very emotional story: "Tonight my girlfriend broke up with me."


The man received the news via text message while hanging out with other guys at an internet café. Quickly, he decided to leave internet café and rushed back home to take care of the situation. But unfortunately, it was already late!

The 23-year-old man didn’t know what else to do other than write: "Against all the odds I make it to the bus stop without crying. But the bus isn’t coming for ages.

"I'm pacing up and down checking and re checking my phone. Re reading the msg getting depressed all over again."

After getting on board, he describes getting into an argument with the bus driver before planning to head home, get changed, and then go for a run.


But, as the post gets increasingly weird, his heart started beating faster than normal. H e continued writing:

"I need to s***. Like really need to s***. I pause at the door think about risking it. I do not risk it.

"I nearly s*** myself. Bathroom door flies open, I fly onto the seat and thankfully don’t s*** on myself."

"I start crying. Like really f****** crying. I have never cried like this before. All the while this torrent of tears was coupled with what I can only describe as some of the most explosive s****** I have ever produced.


"Probably would have been one of the funniest things I’ve ever done and If I wasn’t sobbing like the world was ending I probably would of laughed."


But that's not all!

As the emotional post with a whopping 1,080 words long, draws to a conclusion, he describes in detail how he began projectile vomiting.

"It’s acidic, it burns, it kickstarts the tears again and it just keeps going! Are you f****** kidding me body?

"I vomit up the past months food."

His misery was not yet over however.

"I just walk home. Stepped in dog s*** on the way back, because you know, have to keep the misery as high as possible.


"And now I’m here sobbing silently onto my keyboard."

Since the post was uploaded, hundreds of users have shared their thoughts and lent the man support.

One user was so shocked and simply wrote: "This is beautiful."
Source: Mirror


Love is beautiful! It’s no secret that love is a powerful force. It causes us to do and say things we’d never expect of ourselves. And though we live in a world that is hyper concerned with the way people look, love has the power to make you overlook physical imperfections and see people for who they are inside.

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