Beauty talk with Sarina White

From a little girl playing with her Barbie make-up set to a professional hair and make-up artist from Germany. We had the chance to discover Sarina White and her story, beauty mistakestips and secrets. This talented girl who achieved her dream of being a professional make-up artist talks beauty with us, read on!

Hair & make-up by Sarina White

Modelmanagement: You completed a training as a bank clerk. How did you find out that make-up art was your passion? Has it always been your dream to become a professional makeup artist?

Sarina White: Yes it has always been my dream to become a professional makeup artist, but I was way too young to start a self employed business with 17 years, so I decided to firstly find a professional education, so I started working as a bank clerk because I wanted to learn something „down-to-earth“ that secures my future – just in case that the makeup artist thing didn’t work out. But I have always known that becoming a makeup artist is my true calling.


Hair & make-up by Sarina White

MM: From really out-there looks to classically beautiful makeup – your portfolio includes the most diverse fields! What gives you ideas and inspires you?

SW: I’m creating my inspiration by searching pictures in social media (ie Pinterest, Instragram, Blogs etc), when I see looks I like, I start thinking about how to transform these looks into my own personal creation. The looks are in my mind all the time, before I go to bed, while doing my own daily makeup, while I’m working, and after a couple of days I usually start being happy with the result in my mind and then I continue realizing it with my models.


Sarina White

MM: What’s your favorite makeup look you created?

SW: That’s a though question because I put so much passion in every look I’m creating, either a bridal makeup or a fashion shoot, that I can hardly decide. One of my favorites is the „color-blocking“ look I did in December 2013. I love the minimalistic look, because I didn’t use much makeup, just the colored lipstick and eyeshadow and we experimented with the light for creating this unique look.


Sarina White

MM: Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair?

SW: I would die for having two amazing women in my chair: first of all a German Blogger called Farina (Instagram: novalanalove) because I love her face, her look and her personality that she’s communicating. Furthermore I would love to work with Cara Delevingne – I really adore her look because she gives every look the last touch you need to make it so special. She has this beautiful face that you – as a makeup artist – can transform in every look you’ve ever imagined.


Sarina White


MM: What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

SW: The biggest and probably most discussed mistake are eyebrows. Eyebrows are the „frame“ of your face, they create not only your look but also your personality and expression. The biggest mistake women make is that they don’t underline their natural eyebrows, but they try to „paint“ some unnatural forms they’ve seen somewhere. My personal hint would be to underline the natural facial features, so start with letting your eyebrows grow and then underline the natural shape.

In addition another big mistake is that women use too much makeup – the more the better is not always working.


Sarina White

MM: What products do you think should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

SW: A good BB Cream for the daily use, a lipstick and mascara because with these you can always „touch-up“ your look.


Sarina White

MM: Does everyone look better with make-up?

SW: I don’t think so. I personally think that nothing is more beautiful than just a bit mascara and done eyebrows, but a good makeup gives you another way of confidence and women feel prettier. Makeup gives you the chance to change your look and to „play“ your face – you’re able to create a „new you“ every day.

cache_24946042 - copia

Sarina White

MM: What’s your secret tip against tired eyes and bad hair days?

SW: A good eye-cream with caffeine is what every woman needs and nothing’s better than a big, voluminous, „undone“ looking bun.


Sarina White

Thank you for the great interview Sarina! Don’t forget to visit regularly her website and facebook page to keep in touch with Sarina’s latest work!

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- Modelmanagement

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