Hong Kong woman convicted of assaulting police officer with her breast

hk_tuen_mun_law_courts_tuen_hing_roadj.jpgA 30-year-old woman was found guilty in a Hong Kong

court of assaulting a police officer using

her breast during a protest on March 1, 2015

The woman, Ng Lai-ying, along with three others, were

accused of assaulting and obstructing or

resisting police officers amid the violent protest in Yuen

Long. Though pleaded not guilty, all the defendants were convicted on July 16 2015 in Tuen Mun

Magistrates Court and remanded in custody according to source.





Chan testified that it was Ng who bumped into his upper right arm with her breast and then made the false accusation.

Tuen Mun deputy magistrate Michael Chan Pik-kiu convicted Ng Lai-ying, 30, who works at a

shipping company, of using her chest to bump against the right arm of Chief Inspector Chan Ka-

po - who was trying to control the chaotic protest in Yuen Long that day.


The defense council claimed that the Chief Inspector, with the last name, Chan, copped a feel of


Ng's left breast while reaching for the strap of her bag during

the protest. Ng had reportedly

shouted: "Indecent assault!" after the incident

However, Chan testified that it was the woman who bumped into his upper right arm with her

breast and then made false accusation against him.


Ng's boyfriend, Kwong Chun-lung, 20, and university student Poon Tsz-hang, 22, were each

found guilty of one count of obstructing police officers who were exercising their duties.

All four defendants pleaded not guilty to their charges.


During the trial, Ng said Chan stretched his arm to reach the strap of the bag on her shoulder,

and his hand landed on the upper part of her left breast.


She said she immediately yelled "indecent assault".


But yesterday, after analyzing the evidence, the magistrate rejected her claims that the

inspector had molested her, and chastised her for making up the assault story, and called her

reputation-damaging claims "malicious", according to SCMP.


"You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you. This

is a malicious act," he said, adding that it had caused great harm to the officer's reputation


He added that it was strange that Ng would only file a complaint for her bleeding, after alleging

that she was pushed onto the ground by police, rather than sexual assault.

"It must have been a big deal for you had you been indecently assaulted," he said.


All of the defendants, who will be sentenced on July 29 2015, were remanded in custody,

pending a series of reports to determine an appropriate punishment.

Sources: Shanghaiist, SCMP

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