Man arrested immediately after proposing to girlfriend who said yes!

A man from China who had an elaborate marriage proposal for his girlfriend on a busy Chengdu intersection, China was arrested by police just moments after the girlfriend said yes.

Zhang Liang invited nearly 100 friends and family members to surprise his girlfriend. Hundreds of other uninvited guests also attended.

While the crowd was watching, 27 year-old Zhang Liang knelt down before his girlfriend and popped the question on Chengdu's busy Xichun Road according to source


Shortly after the bride-to-be accepted his proposal, both of them were pulled away and taken into custody by police

Probably, he didn't realize that he needed permission from the local police station to carry out the grand proposal, as such large public gatherings trigger safety concerns.



However, according to Globaltimes, Zhang Liang, 27, was "educated" by police for organizing an unapproved public gathering where he proposed to his girlfriend Liu Yan in a busy pedestrian area near Chunxi Street in downtown Chengdu, local media reported.

The ceremony was witnessed by around 100 friends and relatives at Zhang's invitation. The romantic display also caught the attention of even more onlookers, including officers.


                                Zhang Liang and his new fiancée Liu Yan are questioned by police before crowd

Zhang was charged with violating a regulation that requires public assemblies to be registered and approved by police in advance, as specified by The Law on Assemblies, Processions and Demonstrations. 

Public opinion was split on social media, where some disapproved of Zhang's proposal and defended the police action. 

"The police were only doing their job. Proposing in public places disrupts traffic and may inconvenience others. Registering gatherings with police is also good for maintaining public order," Sina Weibo user "Tangjiushihande" wrote. 

Others accused police of lacking compassion and "being oversensitive." "It's really a buzzkill that the cops crashed such a romantic ceremony."

"I wonder if the millions across China who do public square fitness dancing are registered or not," netizen "Garinzhou" wrote.


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