students ambushed and brutally assaulted their teacher after he told them off in class

Shocking footage has emerged of two young pupils attacking their teacher in an alleyway after school.

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In the violent attack, one of the boys was repeatedly hitting the teacher in the chest with knees while pulling his hair at the same time. The other student kept watching and stopped others from intervening.

The unnamed music teacher was hospitalized after the brutal attack.

The teacher had apparently been involved in a row with his two students during class, and the pair sought revenge by ambushing him in an alleyway after school.

This is the moment when two young pupils attacked their teacher after school after he told them off in class

One boy watches and stops others intervening

The school, which specializes in art, released a statement confirming the shocking incident, in which the unnamed music teacher was hospitalized.

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Reports said the incident happened in Baoji, a city in north-west China.

Witnesses, one of whom recorded the incident on a mobile phone, were stopped from stepping in but did call the police.


The camera footage was handed over to authorities, leading to an investigation by the local education bureau.

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Both students were reportedly reprimanded for their actions, but still were allowed to return to school.

The music teacher has since returned to his post following a few days of recovery in hospital.

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