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Agonies of pretension and double life
- The story of Beatrice and Bobby

Read on as Bobby tells his story!

“She was a stranger I met at a party on Friday night. Because of her beauty and dance steps, we suddenly became friends and exchanged numbers.  She told me her name is Beatrice. I told her mine is Bobby.
I pretended to be a rich guy. Within one week, we ‘went very far’. Because I wanted her badly by my side all the time, I promised her 25,000 dollars as we were holding hands and playing. I didn’t care to know her house, or any of her friends.  In my mind I said, who cares knowing anything else.  All I want is her, nothing else!



Last week, I phoned her to come and see me off at the airport. I told her I was going for a business meeting. I deliberately pretended to be that rich and busy guy flying all over the country with Governors and Ministers.  Unfortunately, I actually borrowed money that day to board my first ever flight from Port Harcourt to Abuja because I wanted to win her heart. All of these were for selfish reasons. As we were at the airport, she reminded me about the money I promised her. I quickly brought out an old check which I was too sure I had only one dollar in the account.  I gave her a dud check (cheque)


I felt she’ll always come back to me crying that the bank dishonored the check. I had already made up a story to tell her in case it happens. Basically, in my mind, I felt I will always be spending time  with  her by my side any time I want her by just promising her  big money and  tossing her around.  So, I quickly signed the check, left it open and told her to write the amount. I further drafted few words of confirmation letter even though I knew I had nothing in the account. I had already planned to close the account the next day. With great joy, she kissed me tenderly and left.








Our plane was about to take off, so they told us to switch off our phones. As I brought out my phone to switch off, I saw a text message from my brother overseas that he transferred $25,000 to the account yesterday for my studies and to take care of our sick parents and help my younger ones. Prior to this we had always been praying and expecting this money. Oh my God, I nearly fainted inside plane. It was as if heaven was let loose to fall on top of my head! I didn’t just know what to do when I read the text message from my brother. I felt as if I could jump out of the plane. I called the girl’s number, but her phone was switched off.  I struggled badly inside plane that passengers sitting beside me sensed there was a big problem. They moved to a different seat. I continued texting and calling my new babe’s number until there was no more ‘network’ when the plane took off.

 I wasn’t myself inside the plane throughout the one-hour flight.  Immediately we landed at Abuja airport, I ran straight to the bank to withdraw the money, but too late!  Night had already fallen on a broad day light. The whole money - $25,000 had gone. I continued calling, calling, and calling my new babe’s phone number, but no response!

I tried to ping, ping, ping, but no delivery! I had not enough money to board flight and go back. I used the little money remaining in my pocket  to transport myself back by road. I joined Izuchukwu transport back to Port Harcourt  to look for the girl. I didn’t even know when the bus arrived  Port Harcourt because I was in a coma -deep asleep all through. Worst still, I didn’t  know her house because I never cared to know when we started. 
But, who will I ask about her? I do not know any of her friends. I muttered.
Upon arriving Port Harcourt, I found myself on hospital bed. Since then, I did not set my eyes on Beatrice till now. Her phone number went off completely.

Everybody was visiting me in the hospital and asking what happened, but I didn’t know what to tell them. All I was doing was sighing and dying in silence.  Beatrice, an experienced prostitute ripped me off. I do not know how long left for me to live as am telling this story. I am still lying down on a hospital bed with no dime on my pocket!”


This is the end of Bobby’s experience.  There is a popular saying that when a “cunning man dies, a cunning man buries him"

Dear readers, wait a minute before taking action! This is just a fiction to portray the real life danger of pretension, deception and double life. Names used are fictional characters.There is happiness and peace of mind in living an honest and Godly life!

Do you have any comment or contribution? What do you tell Bobby and the likes, please share. We love to hear from you :)

Mazech is  a writer about
living a happy and peaceful life.
Sometimes he uses both fiction and non-fiction
characters to teach.


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