Gaining power and life by accepting change!

By Echelah Mazi

It is often said that nothing is permanent in life except change. Yet, change is one of the things humans resist most in life. Why do we resist change even when we know it must come, and the change that comes will also change in due time? The first step toward change is belief, the second is acceptance. We cannot live a happy life without accepting and managing change.


History is full of lessons about people who lost their precious lives by failing to yield to change, and manage change. Change is not new. It is as old as creation itself. Happiness is acquired not when we fight each day to resist change, but when we learn to embrace change and manage change because change must come. Think for a moment about your human body.  Are you still that same person you were, say, 10 years ago? No. You added 10 years to your age, and this came with changes in your body along with other life’s experiences, lessons and changes. You do not have control over this.

Therefore, accepting change means accepting the fact that there are certain things in life we cannot control. Trying to control such things will only take away from us our happy life, if not our precious life entirely.  Application of this basic knowledge will help us to find happiness and life by yielding to change, and managing that change positively.


When we embrace change with positive thinking and attitude, it will open an opportunity to live with greater excitement and satisfaction in life while moving through the cycles of change and managing the present change which must also change.

On the other happy, when we constantly fight to resist change each day and hold on to present situation, we will not only live a very unhappy and miserable life, but may live complaining and eventually die disappointed.

A long time ago, I was told a story about something that happened in pre-colonial Africa about a man who fought to resist positive change and ended up losing his life. Indeed, history is a terrible thing. It chooses to remember those it wants to remember and forgets those it wants to forget. For those it remembers, it breaks the story to pieces and tells it from the beginning to the end, passing it from generation to generation. And for those it refuses to tell, it doesn’t mean that history forgets. It can tell the story some other time or in a different way. Yes, history doesn’t forget a single thing.


Chief Nwakpuda was a known king in his time who said that the rail line should not pass through his village.  After the rail line was built, he still insisted that he would not allow the train to go through because it could carry away women of his kingdom. Chief Nwakpuda was warned many times of the dangers he could face, yet he was adamant and vowed to resist that change. He vowed to stop the train anytime it dares to pass through his village.

The ‘D’ day finally arrived for the train to pass through the ‘mighty village’ for the first time in Old Umuahia. As the train was moving, Chief Eze Nwakpuda defiantly ran to the track and raised his right hand toward the approaching train, a sign that it should stop immediately ‘as ordered’. The driver blew the horn but the man stood there in defiance of all the advice that he was given. What happened next? The train ran over him and crushed him. Parts of his flesh were picked over a mile from the scene of the accident. This man had the illusion that the driver of the train would respect him as a king and not run over him. But, he failed to realize that the breaking distance of a train is long and no driver has no control of that even if the driver wants to stop immediately.


Chief Nwakpuda was well advised in the beginning about the need to embrace and manage change, but he refused to listen. Chief Nwakpuda was repeatedly warned about the implications of what he resolved to do - to stand on the track, yet he was adamant. Chief was well determined to resist change and stop the moving train with bare hands. Why? The reason then was that he felt that the train would carry away the beautiful women of his kingdom. His action was daring, and unfortunate, his stubbornness and stupid boldness to resist change cost him his life. The rest is now history.

There is a saying in Africa that a person killed by train is killed by his ears. A moving train is so loud that anyone can hear the sound many miles away, so one has enough time to get out of the way. But in the case of Chief Nwakpuda, he heard the sound of the train and went to stand in the middle of the rail line to stop a moving train with bare hands. That was madness. Who will not agree that Chief Nwakpuda killed himself?


Even today, there are some who are so determined to resist change without honest review about the positive sides of the incoming change and learn how to manage any unpleasant consequence that may result from it thereafter. When we learn to embrace change and manage it within our human limit, we will enjoy inner peace of mind and happiness knowing we do not have control over certain things in life but can only do our best based on the circumstances, situations, and environments we find ourselves. Yes friends, there is happiness and power by yielding, accepting, and managing change!

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Echelah Mazi is a writer about
positive thinking and happy life.

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