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Man sues ex-girlfriend after she won $1m ‘joint lottery’ and dumped him! - Dailymaili

Fatal attack! Lion kills zookeeper in China - China Daily


7 year old boy dies after attending slapping therapy workshop - Sydney Morning Herald

Devastating Earthquake: Is California next? - Daily Mail

Meet the richest man in the UK - Sky News


Most devastating Earthquake in Nepal kills over 1300 - Sky News

Emergency! HIV Outbreak in Indiana growing at an alarming  - Buzzfeed

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Beautiful places for your          5 Cities Around The World       The heart stopping climbs
next vacation                             Starting To Go Car-Free             of Alex Honnold

Chinese man tried to commit suicide on his wedding day saying the bride is too ugly to marry him -

Couple married for 73 years die within minutes of each other -

700 feared dead as migrant boat capsizes off Libya -

Man finds son on Facebook after 25 years -

Xenophobia in South Africa - IBTIMES

A company raises minimum wage to $70,000 no matter your qualification - NBC News/ The New York Times

Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage - CNN

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Couple married for               Woman meets daughter        Teenage girl who underwent 
73 years died same time      she thought died 49 yrs ago  surgery to win back ex boyfriend

Woman meets 49 year old daughter she thought died after birth - Foxnews

Is California Running Out Of Water? 

Five Reasons Why Goodluck Jonathan lost election - BBC Africa

Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari wins - BBC AFRICA

Disneyland Prices Increase; Single-Day Tickets for Attendees Over 10 Now $99  - KTLA

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Woman remarries first love          Unfailing Love            Don't sweat the small stuff
after 51 years                                                       's nothing but small stuff

Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan congratulates Muhammadu Buhari on electoral victory -  Canadian Press

Germanwings Co-Pilot deliberately crashed Plane - The New York Times

Celine Dion gets emotional as husband battles cancer  - ABC News

Countries Near Economic Collapse - Investopedia

Greece risks running out of cash - Reuters

German Airbus A320 Plane crashes in French Alps - The Guardian

7 Tips for Getting Hired After Age 50 - USNews

Keep Nigeria One, Obama Urges Nigerians - Sahara reporters

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Top 10 Most Dangerous          10 Ugliest Celebrity Wedding   5 Things Long Lasting Couples
Countries to Visit                      Dresses                                    Do Differently

Goodluck Jonathan: Nigeria's fortunate leader - AFP

Judge ends Chris Brown's court saga over Rihanna attack - AP

Monica Lewinsky talk hits cyber-bullying - USA Today

How to become a 401(k) millionaire - CNBC

There is much more to chocolate than chocolate - The Sydney Morning Herald

Presbyterian Church (USA) Approves same sex marriage - Huffington post

Pastor asks for $60 million in donations to buy a jet - CNN

Does Money Make You Mean? - BBC

Celebs 2014: World's Most Powerful Musicians - Forbes

California has about one year of water left - Los Angeles Times

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US Study Abroad Scholarships 7 Tips To Get Hired After       Beauty Talk With Sarina White
And Grants List                          Age 50

The Heart-Stopping Climbs Of Alex Honnold - New York Times

The Hard Life Of Celebrity Elephants - New York Times

Nigeria Elections: Mixing Religion And Politics - BBC

What's an Economist's Nobel Medal Worth? - The New York Times

Writing Your Way to Happiness - The New York Times

After 100 years, we still don't know how to actually watch a movie - The Washington Post

Prostitution: Rome tries a new approach to deal with the world's oldest profession - The Washington Post

Ten romantic destinations you should know about - CNN

Marital rape: Why is it legal in India? - CNN

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Finding power to overcome  Re-birth of an Eagle - A      Gaining power and life 
worries...                               lesson in personal change  by accepting change

  Disneyland to close Innovations hall; What's next for Tommorrowland? - Los Angeles Times

  Rivals San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are moving forward together on a plan to build a $1.7-billion NFL - Los Angeles Times

Violence, death and injustice: A beginner’s guide to human rights in Nigeria. - Amnesty International

Walmart employees to get raises. - USA Today

 Happy, healthiest states in the USA - USA Today

 Defeating cancer, the 'evil genius'. - BBC

Bill Gates named world's richest person again - BBC

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26 of the most stunning   2014 World's most powerful  The look that men find
spots in Africa                   musicians                              most attractive

New Happiest State in the US May Surprise You - ABC News

Dodgers set spring rotation - ESPN 


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Teenage girl underwent plastic surgery to win back ex-boyfriend

Viral video shows man brutally beating wife to death for cheating on him!

I fell for an ugly man!


Rebirth of the eagle - A lesson in personal change and success!

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