Canadian plus size model, Nao, shares her sexy photos

Nao is big and proud!

Canadian based plus size international super model, Nao, looks gorgeous in her new photos. The 350lb model shared her new sexy photos on her Instagram page. Check out the photos below:

Toot hot to teach! School teacher fired from her job for being too hot and pretty!

A school teacher has been fired from her job for being too hot and pretty to teach after parents complained she was ‘unsuitable’ to teach their kids. 21-year-old Gemma Laird was a teaching assistant at Bloemfontein Primary when she was suddenly fired after only one week. 

Rick Owens models wear other models as clothes during Paris  Fashion week

Fashion is changing! Just when we thought we have seen everything fashion has to offer, Rick Owens models surprised the world by wearing other models as clothes during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday October 1st 2015.
The models were harnessed to each other as they walked the runway while dressed in the designer's spring 2016 collection. Read more

Colombian model faces death penalty in China for smuggling drugs

A Colombian model, Juliana Lopez is facing death penalty in China after being arrested for smuggling drugs in her laptop across the border.

22-year-old Juliana Lopez from Colombia was arrested for smuggling drugs at Guangzhou Airport in south China's Guangzhou Province, on July 18, 2015. Read more

Identical twins who spent share one boyfriend.

Lucy and Anna DeCinque blew their savings on breast implants, lip fillers, fake eyebrows and eyelashes to make sure they look exactly the same.

And the 28-year-olds, who were born just a minute apart, are so close they claim to never leave each other's side. Read more


Have you found your twin stranger?

Who would believe these two women are strangers?

For every person in the world, it is thought there are at least seven other people across the globe who look exactly like them.

And one Irish girl has managed to track down one of hers. Read more

Hottest teacher in the world?

We all know it's easy to drift off in lessons at school - and one set of pupils have an extra distraction in their class. Their teacher!

Because as well as being a maths lecturer at University College London, Pietro Boselli is also a part-time model and with his toned arms and rippling six-pack, he is extremely good looking! Read more

10 Ugliest Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to look special on her big day. These celebrity brides definitely looked special, but not for the right reasons. Just because they can afford designer gowns doesn't mean they choose the most beautiful ones.Read more



The Look That Men Find Most Attractive

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this new research.

Well this is refreshing: It turns out, both men and women find women more attractive when they have less makeup on, according to a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

For the study, researchers recruited 44 women to model for photographs. They presented the models with a wide range of makeup and asked them to apply it as if they were going out for the night. The models were photographed pre- and post-makeup application.  Read more


Beauty Talk With Sarina White

From a little girl playing with her Barbie make-up set to a professional hair and make-up artist from Germany. We had the chance to discover Sarina White and her story, beauty mistakes, tips and secrets. This talented girl who achieved her dream of being a professional make-up artist talks beauty with us. Read more


Anti-Aging Tips for Thinning Eyebrows

When we think about aging, the first thing that comes to mind is wrinkles. But there’s another issue that we often ignore, one that adds years to our age even way before our first wrinkle appears: thinning eyebrows. Loss of eyebrow hair tends to affect most of us early, usually when we're in our 30s, and peaks by the age of 45 or so.

And if you’ve tweezed avidly at any point in your life, chances are you’ll be one of those who will be hit the hardest. While eyebrow loss can be difficult to stop, there are simple ways to resurrect fuller, more youthful-looking eyebrows—and they don’t require needles or any surgery at al. Read more



The Real Story of a Real Model: Solveiga Mykolaityte

A few months ago we had the chance of interviewing Solveiga Mykolaityte, a professional model who has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and FHM, modeling all over the world and has a successful career both online and offline!

Modeling is not as easy as people think.

Read the real story about a real professional model.. her fears, failures, difficulties, and success stories since she decided modeling was her dream.                   Read more


Amaze Models: It’s always an advantage to do what you’re best at!

It’s always an advantage to do what you are best at“ – under this motto, Nadija Timmermann and Patrick Glöckner founded Amaze Models Agency in July 2006 and it turned out to be the right decision… The Frankfurter agency is strongly represented in the field of photography and advertisement and therefore also offers numerous Commercial Categories such as Characters, Teens, Actors or Sports.

Find out their attitude towards size-zero models and how they contributed to the success of Germany’s next Top Model winner Stefanie Giesinger, and get to know a modern model agency, which stands for good communication and professional quality models. Read more



Marc Jacobs dismisses street-style at New York fashion week

This New York fashion week has been characterised by near-identical looks on the catwalk and front row: polo necks, a 1970s skirt or trouser shape and long lean layering in muted colours: the synergy between haute street-style and next season’s designer looks has never been stronger.

Naturally, Marc Jacobs, whose show closed the week, did the exact opposite. “What I see in the street now doesn’t interest me,” he told reporters backstage after the show at the Park Avenue Armory, dressed as for an uptown dinner in a black suit and white shirt. “I am so tired of street-style looks.”

Instead, his muse for the season was the late, legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. Huge canvasses painted with swagged curtains, grand fireplaces and urns of flowers transformed the catwalk set into Vreeland’s apartment.             Read more   

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