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When you employ the power of positive thinking, how do you apply it? Are you working to overcome a limiting mindset or to adopt a positive one? Do your positive thoughts include pictures, sounds and feelings?

While you’re at it, what is your vision for your life based on? Did you form it around your past, your present or your future?

You and I have these movies we play in our head. They start with a dialog and then move into pictures. Then they become moving pictures, and finally, we attach feelings to them. So, effective positive thinking needs to be multidimensional.

Positive thinking motivated by your personal vision

These mind movies and the feelings that come with them are what I like to call our personal visions. They are three-dimensional and they have feelings attached. These personal visions are also great motivation generators.

The energies that fuel our ability to attract and our ability to act grow out of these visions. The degree of contrast between what is actually taking place in our life now, and what we envision achieving, motivates us to close the gap as we move towards that vision. That’s why the whole process needs to be anchored in positive thinking.

The energy of positive thinking can be defined as:

Physical Energy

When you and I are motivated positive thinking, meaning we are producing the energies from this list; we can, and we will, do just about anything we set our minds to.

So the question is: What have we set our minds to do?

The greatest opportunity for a misunderstanding here is to think that what you and I want, even what we have a burning desire for, is in fact what we have set our minds to. There is often a huge difference.

For example, think of something you have wanted for a long while; something you’ve wanted very badly and may have even worked hard for, but are no closer to having now than when you started wanting it.

Now think of something you have felt for some time was inevitable. Something you have often seen happening in your mind’s eye. Something you believe will happen, whether you really want it to or not. Notice how it seems to always happen, or how you seem to progress towards it. This is no coincidence! Regardless of whether it is based on positive thinking or fear, you will attract it into existence.

Motivation has no conscience

Surprisingly, motivation does not care about motives. It is not dependent on what you want or don’t want; need or don’t need. Motivation happens in accordance with what you expect, what you think will happen. It is anchored to the mind movies you play in your head and the scenarios you believe will come true. For your expectations to produce positive results, they must be based on positive thinking.

Now let’s talk about belief and positive thinking

Let’s say that you really, really want to reap some futureprosperity. You really want to raise your income to the next level. But is it really possible to believe you will, when it’s something you’ve never done before? Will positive thinking be enough to manifest that prosperity?

Without mastering the art of visualization and motivation, we will tend to believe only those things that we have actually experienced. When we allow our past experiences to establish our beliefs, we tend to stay stuck creating in a circle. We will go round and round, producing the same quality of results repeatedly.

This sounds a lot like the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result!”

How do we break the cycle?

The only way to break this cycle and produce unprecedented results is to establish a belief about your future that is not anchored in the past. You have to establish a new belief that is in alignment with what you want, not in alignment with what you have achieved. To do this, you must activate a different set of resources than those that produced your past results. What are those resources?

They are the part of us that is powerful beyond analytical thinking and include our energy, our emotions, our thoughts, and our subconscious mind. This part of us cannot tell the difference between a real experience and one that has been vividly imagined. Think about that.

There is a very powerful aspect of your mind that cannot tell the difference between imagining that you earn an extra $10,000 every month and actually earning an extra $10,000 a month.

The conscious mind can definitely tell the difference. It’s the part of us that will attempt to limit our expectations according to past results. This is the part of us that watches a movie and says, “It’s not real, it’s just pretend, performed by actors and actresses.”

So on some levels, the conscious mind is fairly limited when it comes to producing extraordinary results. In contrast, the part of us that is unlimited and extraordinary experiences a movie and sheds tears of joy or sadness, or responds however the writers, directors and actors intended for us to respond. That part of us cannot tell the difference because it is fully involved in the experience.

Ask yourself these feeling based questions

If you really had been earning $10,000 a month, what do you feel you could expect to earn next month? How would you feel about the opportunities in front of you? Who would you be willing to approach? What would you sound like? What feelings would others get from you? What level of enthusiasm would you convey? How optimistic would you be, how creative? How much confidence would you have?

Compare those answers to how you currently approach your income opportunities. If there is a difference, your current vision is anchored in the present; and if you are only earning $1,000 a month you will only see a $1,000-a-month opportunity. That $9,000 difference is huge when it comes to how you present yourself and where you see opportunity.

Take advantage of your hidden resources. Create a new mind movie anchored in positive thinking to represent what you EXPECT life to be like. The part of you that will get it done cannot tell the difference, and it will respond in accordance with your vision. It will start responding immediately, and it will motivate you to move purposefully in the direction of your vision.

What kind of mind movies do you have?
Are they three dimensional with feelings attached?
Are they based on positive thinking and positive expectations?
The lines are open!


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