Student Sues University For Not Getting Him A Job After Graduation

A former Canadian university student is suing his alma mater for not providing him a quality education and thus preventing him from getting a job, according to court documents.

Pictures show kids who must climb dangerous ladder on a vertical cliff to go to school

Heart-breaking pictures have emerged showing kids, the youngest of whom is just six, who must climb unsecured vine ladders on the side of a steep rock face to go home from school daily.

The schoolchildren live in a so-called 'cliff village', which is situated on the top of a 2,624-foot-tall peak in south-west China, and their school is at the foot of the mountain, reports Huanqiu affiliated with the People's Daily Online. Their village is completely cut off from the outside world. 

Couple faces jail sentence for failing to return borrowed novel from the library

TECUMSEH, Mich. (AP) — A judge told a Michigan couple they could land in jail for up to 93 days and face a maximum $500 fine for failing to return a novel and a Dr. Seuss book borrowed from the local public library.

Cathy and Melvin Duren of Tecumseh, Michigan, appeared in Lenawee County court to each face a misdemeanor charge of failure to return rental property. They owe about $35 in late fees for "The Rome Prophecy," borrowed in April 2015. They lost a Dr. Seuss book their teenage son borrowed for their granddaughter in July 2014. 

Female Geography teacher forced to resign after her porn video leaked online

A female Geography teacher has been forced to resign after parents and pupils exposed her second career as an online porn star .

The randy teacher, named only as Georgiana D, saw her career come crashing down after a 14-year-old pupil found shocking images and videos of the 27-year-old. 

School teacher fired after video of her erotic dancing while on holiday went viral!

A primary school teacher has lost her job after footage of her twerking in a bikini while 400 miles away on holiday went viral

The 24-year-old teacher only known as Miss Clarissa said she was forced into quitting her job after angry parents saw the viral clip online. 

Law grad sues former school for not finding job 8 years after graduating


A California woman who graduated top of her class from law school in 2008, but can’t still find a job has taken her former school to court to refund her tuition and also pay her for lost wages. The aspiring young lawyer had graduated at the top of her class at one of America’s top law schools – Thomas Jefferson School of Law. 

Two students ambushed and brutally assaulted their teacher after he told them off in class

Shocking footage has emerged of two young pupils attacking their teacher in an alleyway after school.

In the violent attack, one of the boys was repeatedly hitting the teacher in the chest with knees while pulling his hair at the same time. The other student kept watching and stopped others from intervening

The unnamed music teacher was hospitalized after the brutal attack.

The teacher had apparently been involved in a row with his two students during class, and the pair sought revenge by ambushing him in an alleyway after school. 

Professor solves 300-year-old Maths problem. Wins $700,000

In 1994, Andrew Wiles shocked the math world when he published proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, which is a problem that had bewildered scholars for more than 300 years. On Tuesday, the 62-year-old Oxford professor was awarded the prestigious 2016 Abel Prize for his work by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Tech Times reports. 

Cheating in exams will now carry 7 years prison sentence in China

The prevalence of cheating in exams by students appears to be high. This reality is disturbing not only to the society and examiners, but also to many students who choose not to cheat. Staring on November 1st 2015, cheating in exams will now carry a maximum of a 7 year prison sentence in China.

South Africa University Students clash with police during protest over tuition increases

South Africa university students protesting against increase in tuition clashed with riot police officers on Wednesday October 21, 2015 outside the Parliament building in Cape Town. This is the latest in a series of student demonstrations that have gripped South Africa this year. 

Las Vegas strip club asks class of 2015 graduates to apply as strippers

Las Vegas is known for so many things both good and bad. No wonder, the popular slogan ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Read on...


A Las Vegas Strip Club ad encouraging class of 2015 graduates to apply for job as strippers has attracted lots of attention. One ad reads, “Now auditioning the class of 2015″. Read more

86-year-old man takes college entrance exam for 15th time!

If there is anything 86-year-old Xia Wang from China wants right now,

it is to pass his college

entrance exam and go to school. Xia, from China has always dreamed 

of going to university and

has been sitting for China’s college entrance exam since 1954 and

failing.  He just wrote it for

the 15th time on Monday June 8 2015! Read more

Kazakhstan boy dresses like girlfriend to write exam for her

A boyfriend scored extra points with his 17-year-old girlfriend by dressing up as her to take an end-of-year exam in her place. Ayan Zhademov, 20, of Kazakhstan, was desperate to help his girlfriend when she told him how worried she was about an upcoming exam. Read more

Students forced to pose nude in classroom as part of graduation requirement

For most students, there is nothing more stressful than a final exam.

But now imagine that to pass the exam, you have to be naked in a candlelit classroom. Not only in front of your whole class, but also in front of your professor. Read more



Worst college majors for your career

A bachelor's degree has become the standard for an increasing number of entry-level positions, but is it really worth the blow to your (or your parents') bank account? It depends on what you study.

While a major in finance might very well put you on the path to a lucrative career, a degree in underwater basket weaving won't. Read more



US study abroad scholarships and grants list


A variety of organizations and institutions provide scholarships and grants for study abroad from the United States. Many provide assistance that is targeted to specific student populations (underrepresented student groups; African Americans; Asian Americans; Latino/Latina Americans; Native Americans; students with disabilities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered students). Read more


20 most cost effective colleges in the US


With more and more complains about the US education system and the meager job prospects offered to fresh grads, making the right educational choice has never seemed more challenging. Fret not! This list features the most cost effective colleges based one the report from Fret not! Read more

What I learned from paying off $103,000 student loan debt

We are oftentimes told that student loan debt is the only good debt there is. Why? It means you made the financial investment to pursue an education that, if all goes according to plan, will pay you back in no time. In other words, furthering your education is 100% worth it. Hear it here first that there is no such thing as good debt. Debt is debt and it's agonizing if you don't get rid of it. Stop kidding yourself, please. Read more

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