Love story of William and Lillian who died within minutes of each other after 73 years of marriage.

When the subject of death came up, Lillian Karr Wilson would say, "I'm not going till Bill goes."

Her words came true Tuesday, when she died at a Lexington nursing home minutes after her husband of 73 years, William "Wild Bill" Wilson, died at Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore.

Their son Doug said the near-simultaneous deaths are 'a blessing'

The love story of William Wilson, 93,  and his wife Lillian, 89, started in High school in the late 1930’s. They lived together as inseparable love birds until they finally died within minutes of each other. 

According to sources, On April 7, the couple's son, Doug, 66, got a call at 3:52 a.m. from the Thomas Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore, Kentucky, telling him his father had died. Five minutes later, he received a call from Richmond Place, a retirement community in Lexington where his mother lived, informing him that she, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease like his father, had also passed away.

"I told the nurse, you're not going to believe this, but my father just passed away a couple minutes ago,'' Doug Wilson told the Lexington Herald-Leader. "She said, 'Oh my God.' She said that's like, 'The Notebook,' the movie, that they went together. It shocked me, and I just stayed numb for a while, not knowing what to do.''

Once the shock wore off, Doug was able to cherish his parents' enduring love story, reflecting on a romance that persevered through his father's time fighting in the Army in World War II and various job changes, including a radio show in which William was known as "Wild Bill" Wilson.

"They were a really loved couple,'' he told the Herald-Leader. "Wherever they went, they made lots of friends."

In February of 2014, a couple that had been married for 72 years died while holding hands, while in August of last year a couple that had been together 60 years died only hours apart.


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