Airport X-ray discovers 8-year-old boy hidden in woman’s suitcase at security checkpoint


Credit: Guardia Civil

According to Fox news, Fátima E.Y, 19, was traveling from Morocco to Ceuta, a Spanish territory, when border patrol agents noticed her awkward movement and acting anxiously.  “The operator noticed something strange, which seemed to be a person inside the case,” a Civil Guard spokesman told Spanish newspaper El Pais.

This happened on Thursday morning May 7, when she was trying to cross the border. 


At airports, it is always required that passengers bags are checked. So, after passing the pink suitcase through an x-ray machine, agents saw a strange image, something that looked like a human frame inside suitcase. This prompted them to open the case. Surprising, they found 8-year-old boy identified as Abou inside the suitcase. The boy told authorities he was from the Ivory Coast.

Credit: Guardia Civil

Two hours later, the agents spotted the boy’s father trying to cross the border into Ceuta and arrested him as well.  Authorities believe he likely paid the woman, who isn’t related to the boy, to smuggle him into Spain.


The father, whose relocation application had been denied, told officials that he “didn’t know that was the method” of smuggling the woman was going to use.

The boy is now under the care of Ceuta social services organization El Área de Menores de la Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta.

Sub-Saharan migrants climb over a metallic fence that divides Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. March 28, 2014

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